How to Know a HA is Legit? DMC or vacation wholesaler? Consortia for Disney?

In episode 142 Steph co-hosts with Melissa Fahs of ATHome by Atlas and they answer your questions about the wide world of travel, host agencies and advising.

Here's this week's questions:

1. How can you tell if a host is legit if they’re not listed on your site? I had an owner of a TX agency reach out to me about joining them. --Anonymous

2. Hi Steph! I'm still having trouble wrapping my head around the difference between a DMC and a vacation wholesaler and when I would use one over the other. Love your show! Thanks, Courtney F.

3. Is there a Consortium that is better for Disney focused agents? Trying to decide between two host agencies and one is affiliated with travel leaders and one is with Signature Travel network. –Anonymous

TODAY’S RESOURCES: (More info on travel MLMs) (Download our free excel sheet with questions to ask your prospective host agencies) (What are travel consortia/coops?)

Identifying leads worth your time, Betsy Grebinoski's Eduspot from Host Week 2024!

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February 09, 2024
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