Skift Global Forum 2023

Skift Global Forum 2023

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Defining the Future of Travel Yet Again

Skift Global Forum 2023 — the flagship global conference on the business of travel — is returning to New York City this September. It remains the ‘can’t miss’ event of the year for travel leaders, who come to discover what’s next for the world’s most impactful industry. 

As we have said throughout the past 10 years of Skift, “this is not a freakin’ trade show.”

2023 THEME: Connection in the Age of AI

Skift is leading the way in reporting the unfolding relationship between generative AI and the travel industry, and it is clear this is only the beginning.

Through this theme, we will explore how the original promise of travel, human-to-human connection, will be enhanced & tested in an age of AI. We will also look at the impact of human-to-machine, and machine-to-machine connections as these areas evolve at an accelerated pace not seen before in history. 

As always, our sessions throughout Global Forum will decipher the big trends facing the travel industry, and we will hear from leaders across all sectors, including tourism, hospitality, aviation, experiences, and more. 

  1. • Exploring Consumer Trends: How are travel’s most creative leaders staying ahead of consumers?
  2. • Hotel Sector Shifts: Will demand remain strong as brand growth and development fervor continues?
  3. • Destinations Reimagined: How is tourism evolving to balance the needs of local communities?
  4. • Online Travel Evolution: Platforms compete for a more dynamic search and booking ecosystem
  5. • Rethinking Experiences: Can tech finally streamline the multifaceted experiences ecosystem?
  6. • Implementing Impact: What are brands doing to operationalize sustainable travel and make it enticing? 
  7. • Macro Forces: What are the macroeconomic trends and signals that will impact travel’s future?