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January 21, 2020

I am also a Travel Agent that worked for World of Wishes Travel. It is run by the most terrible owner and person. Someone who feels she can steal from her Agents.

At first, everything was fine . I was new and didn't have a lot of sales . But as time went on , my commissions started being late. I always contacted the Owner asking about it. I was told she had to "research " it. My commissions got later and later and I am missing commissions starting from April 2019. I called all the suppliers and received the information on when the commissions were sent out and all of them were within a week of the client traveling.

I kept on asking for my commissions. It was one excuse after another. She would tell us she had to audit. We were told she was "a one woman show" so was behind. She told us all about her personal life and problems..none of which is a good excuse to steal from your Agents.

The Agents banded together and we were told that she was just behind and had all our commissions. She told us she hired a CPA to handle it all but would not give us any information about the CPA. IF the CPA is paying out our commissions, shouldn't we have that info in case we needed to talk to him/her?

I still messaged, texted, emailed and called for my commissions. At one point she told us to stop messaging her because she was aware. At this point she will not answer any of our emails or texts. She is MIA with our money. I am still owed from April until now.

I am still going to fight for my money and won't go away. But this is a warning to anyone who has been in contact with World of Wishes. Don't work for her! She will take your money. We found out she did it to a batch of agents before us. Stay far away from this agency.

January 13, 2020

I personally worked for World of Wishes Travel for 3 and 1/2 years. I recently had to quit because she is keeping 100% of my commissions and refusing to pay me and the other agents what we're owed. I have reached out to Disney, Universal, and Carnival to see when and if my commissions were paid out to the agency and found that they had been paid out long ago. I'm even missing some from as far back as February! She gives the excuse that she has hired a CPA to pay us and that's why it's taking so long but I believe this to be a lie. Currently, I'm owed a grand total of almost $5000! In case you don't know Carnival cruise and Disney cruise line pays out a commission to the agency at final payment which is before the client even travels and Disney and Universal payout 7-10 business days after the client travels. She has received all of this commission. I do not recommend working with this agency.

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