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June 27, 2022
Working at Pickles Vacations has been hands down the best decision I ever made. Stephanie has been nothing but supportive through all the trials and errors of learning to be a travel advisor. Since becoming a travel advisor, I have gained so much knowledge through the team workshops and training sessions Pickles has provided. Stephanie not only has been a great leader, she has truly set me up for success. She encourages me and supports me in all the ways I need. I am excited for my future with Pickles Vacations and I cannot wait to see where it continues to take me.
November 28, 2023

Pickles Travel Network offers AMAZING ongoing training, resources and support. As a new agent, the training offered to expand my knowledge and growth is priceless! If you’re looking for a host Pickles is definitely worth it!

The best decision I have made as a travel agent was signing up with Pickles Travel Network. I am so grateful that I found the PTN community :)

November 19, 2023

As a new advisor, I am so glad I joined Pickles Travel Network. They have great support and education that I don't know what I would do without. The network of advisors is so supportive and responsive to each other and really is a wonderful group to be a part of. Definitely recommend if you are looking for a host agency.

November 18, 2023

Quite honestly, if I could give Pickles Travel Network more than a 5 star review I would! I am still a relatively new agent, however I started my journey as a TA with a host agency that was not supportive at all and did not care that I had no idea what I was doing. As a Type A, perfectionist - that was so difficult for me. But it led me to really researching and looking into who my second host agency would be - because I wanted that to be my final host agency.

I interviewed a few different hosts, and though they were all lovely, I was almost immediately in awe of PTN. Right away you can tell their dedication to their ICs and how much they care about your success.

Once you start with PTN you immediately feel like family! Their entire staff is so incredible and they just CARE so much. On top of that, all of their staff are TAs themselves, so when you are going to them for help/guidance they actually know what they’re talking about. When they give you their opinion/guidance/advice they are doing so from firsthand knowledge, and not knowledge from years ago - but from weeks or months ago!

Their agent portal is SO user friendly and it’s like they thought of EVERYTHING when they were building it out. Inside of the portal you are able to find so much information and resources. Something that I think is really cool about PTN and helps them stand out is that every single week (except for holidays of course) they have multiple live training sessions available for you to attend. These are a mix between training with the PTN staff to ask questions (they have an awesome New Agent Training they do regularly), training that focuses on a specific niche or area/destination, AND regular training with the suppliers that they partner with. What I also love is that if you’re unable to attend these training sessions for whatever reason you don’t have to worry. They have an impeccable upload schedule each week so if you miss a training you were hoping to attend, you’ll know exactly when it will be available to you.

And the big question - commission split. PTN provides you with the option to choose which commission split you want, and the lowest option available is 70%. I was floored when I recently learned that there are hosts who require you to start at 50%. I like that they give you the option to choose your split because it allows you to feel empowered, knowing the split you are receiving is a choice you made.

Whether you're looking for a host for the first time or you're looking to find a new host who will actually support you, I really believe that PTN is the perfect choice.

November 18, 2023

Pickles Travel Network is a fantastic host agency. Their team is very kind and helpful and they have a lot of training and benefits to put you on the right track to success. I was really happy to see their generous commission split options. Another amazing aspect of the company is that they do not micromanage you and let you truly operate as an independent agency. They are a Virtuoso member which helps us earn more and there's great incentives. I have no complaints. Thank you for the opportunity, PTN! 🤍

November 17, 2023

Pickles Travel Network is a great host when it comes to their training. They make sure their agents are in the know with what is going on in the travel agency. They also record the trainings which makes it easier for people to watch the replays at their convenience. I also like how the offer a 90/10 spilt for commissions. Most hosts do not.

November 17, 2023

I decided at the age of 44 to change my career and go into travel. I researched for months not wanting to get into a host relationship that i would regret. From the beginning Pickles Travel Network have been inviting and supportive. They have filled library’s with Great training and I like the ability to keep 90% of my commission.

November 17, 2023

Pickles Travel Network has been such a huge help to me as a new travel advisor. They provide wonderful resources, the ability to choose your commission percentage, the ability to keep 100% of your planning fees, a wide variety of training options, and they are always available to help when I need it. PTN feels like a family, & I’m very thankful to be part of their agency!

November 17, 2023

I was looking to make a change and PTN has been the best decision. They included everything you need to get started and have amazing training to keep you learning and in the know. They have relationships with all the suppliers you need and wonderful support. You will not regret signing up with PTN!

November 16, 2023

Being a new agent is a challenge, but Pickles Travel Network has made it easy and offers the most support to get started the right way. They offer many opportunities for training as well as amazing partners to work with to offer your clients the best experience on their travels. I would highly recommend them.

November 16, 2023

I joined PTN in September as a new agent and have found the team to be supportive, professional and available when needed. PTN provides support, training, favorable commission splits and has a great reputation in the industry! The IC's affiliated are a tight knit group that support each other. Loving it so far!

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