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Company Details

  • Founded
  • Host Type
    Hybrid (Host & Travel Agency)
  • Currently Accepting
    Beginner Agents, Experienced Agents
  • Accepts Agents in
    USA, Canada
  • # of Contractors
  • Annual Sales
  • GDS
    Not Offered
  • Consortia
  • Accreditations
  • Members of
  • Seller of Travel
  • E&O Insurance Included
  • Focuses
    Cruise, Disney, Groups, Leisure, Luxury, FITs

Program Details

  • Ticketing Service for non-GDS Agents
  • Lead Program
  • Leads Belong to
  • Charge for Leads
  • Education Program
    IC Education, On-demand
  • Allows Sub-agents

Pricing & Commission

  • Start Up Fee
  • Location requirement
  • Annual Fee
  • Commission Split Range
    60% to 90%
  • Frequency of Commission Payments
  • Method of Payment
    Direct Deposit

Technology & Tools

  • Marketing Programs
    Direct Mail, Website Program, E-mail Marketing, Social Media Tools
  • Sample Website
  • Leisure Tools
    Air Booking Tool, Consumer Booking Tool, Cruise Booking Tool, Hotel Booking Tool
  • Corporate Tools
  • CRM

About Innovative Travel Agent Network

We are a new Host Agency, having started officially in November of 2018 - we launched in June of 2019 with a new image, brand identity and emerging as a Travel Leaders Network affiliate agency.

What makes us unique is that we treat each agent as an Associate of The Cruise Studio, the Travel Agency that supports Innovative Travel - Agent Network.

FREE Errors & Omissions Insurance - You have access to our FREE E&O insurance as long as you state "your agency name" an affiliate of The Cruise Studio of Texas.

Marketing & Lead Generation - We are advertising and promoting to bring in leads for all of our associates, and THESE ARE YOUR LEADS. Plain and simple. This program is $3 per month to offset marketing costs.

A Ground Floor Opportunity - As a Host agency we are at the ground level... and because of that we offer a low cost entry level as we're growing. The more we grow, the better our commission tiers with suppliers, and that will also mean the low cost entry and higher commission options will likely change. Get in today and be part of our growth - because, once you're in... you're in.

BDM Access - Want to talk to our BDM, just ask us, we'll get you in touch directly.

Personal Group Options - Want to create a Group experience. Just ask, we'll do whatever we can to help.

Agency Cruise Group Exclusive Commissions - We do book Agency Level Group Cruises a few times a year. Every agent who books into the group, no matter WHAT their current commission agreements are, gets 90% commission when they book into our groups. PLUS, book 1/2 of the space, and you can get 95% commission.

Partner AMP Up Exclusive Commissions - When we partner with a supplier under an exclusive contract, all agents who use that supplier take advantage of an agency wide 90% commission split as a gift for helping us Amp up with that supplier.

We offer a CRM - ClientEase. They offer marketing and lead generating tools that can be applied to your website or your agent profiler. The CRM is just $96 per year. AT our Premier Agent and Professional Agent levels it is included in the cost. At the Casual Agent level you can add it for only $60.

Vacation Voucher Incentives - We offer our agents access to Vacation Vouchers for Cruise & Resort stays to use as a means of incentive advertisement. To access this feature, it is just $10 per year for unlimited vouchers. ($10 per Cruise and $10 per Resort voucher unlimited per year)

Innovative Travel Club - Coming November 1, 2019

Owner Communication -

As a Host Agency, we're very flexible with one-on-one program customization for each agent. So, don't be afraid to contact us and inquire about a customized program just for you and your business objectives. Are you a Veteran, retired emergency personnel? If so, ask us about our VFW/911 program. Get the higher 90% commission for an affordable annual fee of $300 with NO enrollment fees. Just, flash your badge. ;)

Rewards Programs - We frequently have booking contests & rewards programs. For instance, Certify with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and get 100% of the commission off your first RCCL client, OR be the first person in the next 30 days to book a Disney vacation with a 25% deposit and Trip Insurance Coverage and receive a Free Disney Scent Warmer and 6 pack of Scentsy bars for your office - and get 100% of the commission for that trip.

We may be small, and we know we're new, but new is not always a bad thing! Come and grow with us, and find out why we are Innovative Travel Agent Network - far from ordinary.