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Company Details

  • Founded
  • Host Type
    Hybrid (Host & Travel Agency)
  • Currently Accepting
    Beginner Agents, Experienced Agents
  • Accepts Agents in
  • # of Contractors
  • Annual Sales
  • GDS
  • Consortia
  • Accreditations
  • Members of
  • Seller of Travel
  • E&O Insurance Included
  • Focuses
    Cruise, Disney, Groups, Leisure, Luxury, Honeymoon/DWs, FITs

Program Details

  • Ticketing Service for non-GDS Agents
  • Charge for Ticketing
  • Lead Program
  • Leads Belong to
  • Charge for Leads
  • Education Program
    Employee Training, IC Education, On-demand
  • Allows Sub-agents

Pricing & Commission

  • Start Up Fee
  • Location requirement
  • Annual Fee
  • Commission Split Range
    50% to 100%
  • Frequency of Commission Payments
    Every Two Weeks
  • Method of Payment
    Check, Direct Deposit, Other

Technology & Tools

  • Marketing Programs
    Direct Mail, Website Program, Consumer Magazine, E-mail Marketing, Social Media Tools
  • Sample Website
  • Leisure Tools
    Air Booking Tool, Consumer Booking Tool, Cruise Booking Tool, Hotel Booking Tool
  • Corporate Tools
  • CRM

About Innovative Travel Agent Network

Travel Richly.

We believe everyone deserves to travel, and to do so richly. As advisors, we need to help our clients by providing clear, consistent, timely services and resources. This helps clients to travel richly. ITA Network has two programs. Check out our programs at our website. ETG programs or STN programs are listed. We are first a Cruise focused Host agency. We know we're new... but we only have UP to go.


Our basic program is connected to Ensemble Travel Group.. This program allows up to 95% commissions to agents. No access to Signature Travel Network is provided under this program. This is our basic program, the way we started in 2017.

Special Deal through February 14, 2021 HAR21 SUPER DEAL


Personal Travel Agent Program

  1. $69.99 Yearly $39 Enrollment Fee
  2. 50/50 commission split​
  3. Travel Website (SAMPLE:
  4. Agency Marketing and Education Microsite
  5. Advanced Client Relationship Management * ($50 a year)
  6. Social Media Scheduling System * ($25 a year)
  7. Video Maker Program * ($25 a year)
  8. Agent Profile (Ensemble Travel Group)
  9. Social Services Bundle: CRM, Scheduler and Video Maker for only $75 a year)

Professional Travel Agent Program

  1. $99.99 yearly $39 Enrollment Fee
  2. Above Features


  1. Enhanced Commission 70/30
  2. Errors and Omissions Insurance ($1,000,000)
  3. Over 1.2M images, videos, and destination guides
  4. Bonus commission opportunities
  5. CLIA Card for qualified advisors
  6. Travel Itinerary Builder (+ $25 month)
  7. Travel Search & Inspiration Marketing Search Engine (added free)
  8. Travel Support Assistance Line*
  9. Phone Ext. leads program (coming 2021!)*

Entrepreneur Agent Program

  1. $199 + $39 Enrollment Fee
  2. Same as above programs
  3. 85/15 Commission Split
  4. Errors and Omissions Insurance ($1,000,000) $500 Ded.
  5. Free CCRA Membership as an Associate Member
  6. Travel Itinerary Builder (+ $108y)
  7. Travel Support Assistance Line
  8. Concierge Assistant Service (we make itineraries for your clients, do your CRM and assist with marketing) $149y*
  9. In house training program and free social media and marketing resources
  10. Website (we build it, when you leave, you will still have access to your site it is yours no matter where you go, you will just pay for the hosting service of $12m). Unlike other Host Agencies, we do not keep your site when you leave. We allow you to continue to host your site with us, and access it long term for a very nominal fee.

Branch Agency Program

  1. $600y
  2. $99 Enrollment
  3. $99 Admin Fee
  4. 95% commissions up to $150,000
  5. 98% Commissions thereafter
  6. Get it all … Custom everything.


$159 Enrollment Fee to SigNet program | 55% to 80% of Commissions Paid

Signature Travel Network boasts some of the best training around. In fact, many agents say they wish they'd have done the Signature Travel Expert Certification first, they'd have needed no other training. As an owner, I value the complexity and thoroughness of the Signature Travel Expert training program.

All new agents joining from HAR get a special discount their first year, and when you complete the HAR7.0 program and send us proof, we'll give you a discount on your second year too.

All plans run January to December.