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Company Details

  • Founded
  • Host Type
    Hybrid (Host & Travel Agency)
  • Currently Accepting
    Beginner Agents, Experienced Agents
  • Accepts Agents in
    USA, Canada
  • # of Contractors
  • Annual Sales
  • GDS
    Not Offered
  • Consortia
  • Accreditations
  • Members of
  • Seller of Travel
  • E&O Insurance Included
  • Focuses
    Cruise, Disney, Groups, Leisure, Luxury, FITs

Program Details

  • Ticketing Service for non-GDS Agents
  • Lead Program
  • Leads Belong to
  • Charge for Leads
  • Education Program
    IC Education, On-demand
  • Allows Sub-agents

Pricing & Commission

  • Start Up Fee
  • Location requirement
  • Annual Fee
  • Commission Split Range
    60% to 90%
  • Frequency of Commission Payments
  • Method of Payment
    Direct Deposit, Other

Technology & Tools

  • Marketing Programs
    Direct Mail, Website Program, E-mail Marketing, Social Media Tools
  • Sample Website
  • Leisure Tools
    Air Booking Tool, Consumer Booking Tool, Cruise Booking Tool, Hotel Booking Tool
  • Corporate Tools
  • CRM

About Innovative Travel Agent Network

We are a new Host Agency, having started officially in November of 2018 - we launched in June of 2019 with a new image, brand identity and emerging as a Travel Leaders Network affiliate agency. What makes us unique is that we treat each agent as an Associate of The Cruise Studio, the Travel Agency that supports Innovative Travel - Agent Network.


You'll get a better idea about us if you read our website, but we believe that everyone who has a insatiable curiosity about their planet, and the wonders it holds, the secrets, the myths, the beauty, the insanely crazy, the marvelous, should be a travel agent. That person should harness all the knowledge they can about the ins and outs of the industry. Learn as much as they can. And take advantage of the tools, resources, suppliers and relationships they can build to see as much of this beautiful place called as they can. AND THEN, give that to others.

You can read about our program on our website. We encourage you to do so. You can always reach out to us personally.

As a Host Agency, we're very flexible with one-on-one program customization for each agent. So, don't be afraid to contact us and inquire about a customized program just for you and your business objectives. Are you a Veteran, retired emergency personnel? If so, ask us about our VFW/911 program. Get the higher 90% commission for an affordable annual fee of $245 with NO enrollment fees. Just, flash your badge. ;)

Rewards Programs - We frequently have booking contests & rewards programs.