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June 7, 2021
ILT made the transition from working in a store front for a corporation to working at home for myself seamless. Andrea, Alicia, and Stacy (and so many others) have been there since day one to guide me and answer all of my questions - and there have been many questions. The relationships forged through ILT, whether they be with other agents or our amazing support team, are empowering. The industry relationships through ILT and Flight Centre make booking a breeze; from cruises, to escorted tours, to FITS - we have contacts in all facets of the business. I highly recommend working with Independent by Liberty Travel.
April 7, 2021
Old Review

I became a member of Independent by Liberty Travel towards the end of 2020. Having spent the last 8 years at a Disney-focused agency, I was incredibly nervous about branching out on my own. I could not have made a better decision! The support staff has been amazing! When I needed a little hand-holding they would set up one-on-one meetings with me to make sure I was comfortable with the new systems I was learning. The agent to agent support is also fantastic. While I am still Disney Destinations and Universal Orlando focused, I know the support is there when I am booking other destinations. I am so happy I made the transition to ILT!

April 2, 2021
Old Review

Independent by Liberty Travel is a wonderful agency to be affiliated with. They care for their agents, provide agents with ample resources and an abundance of support to grow their businesses. The communication we receive from the agency for agents via email and social media travel networks is resourceful, honest, effective and always done in a timely manner. Furthermore, trainings and workshops always provide a plethora of information that travel agents need to sustain their businesses in the ever changing travel industry. I would definitely recommend someone pondering which agency to begin their travel business with to highly consider a start with ILT.

April 2, 2021
Old Review

From the beginning, Liberty Travel has always supported me as an Independent by Liberty Travel Advisor with training support, booking support, questions about software or procedures, and being the liaison when working with suppliers. These ladies are knowledgeable, friendly, and super supportive. They also helped us navigate through the COVID-19 epidemic successfully. I am so glad that I chose Liberty as my host agency!

March 31, 2021
Old Review

I love Independent by Liberty Travel. They have been nothing but supportive since I joined in 2018. While I am not a big money maker, they still take the time to answer my questions and help advise the best route to take in any given situation. Highly recommend!

March 24, 2021
Old Review

I have been with Independent by Liberty Travel for the last 4yrs. before that I worked in the store front of Liberty Travel for 8 1/2yrs. My experience with Independent by Liberty Travel has been a pleasant one. They are definitely there to assist where need be and are very informative when guiding you thru the travel industry. We have attended conferences/workshops in the US and in different destinations which has only aided in my growth in the travel industry. Yes, we all have struggled in 2020 but the business seems to be rejuvenating slowly and Independent by Liberty Travel has been here the entire time.

March 23, 2021
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I became a host with Independent By Liberty Travel in 2018. I have been in the travel industry since 1998 with Liberty Travel. Since signing on with ILT, I can tell you that it has been nothing but a wonderful enriching experience!!! The support and resources given to you is beyond excellent, they always are there to help you in any way shape or form for any reason. Their commission structure is generous and commissions are paid out to you hassle free, unlike other host agencies. I only have positive things to say and highly recommend Independent by Liberty to anyone who wants a flexible, on your time schedule with excellent hassle fee paying commissions and fantastic support to join ILT today!

March 21, 2021
Old Review

I have been with Independent by Liberty almost since it’s inception. Independent has a great group of people to work with, always looking for ways to assist their clients. They continue to update systems, making it seamless to book all travel needs.

March 18, 2021
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I worked with Liberty Travel for 38 years and had a very rewarding career seeing the world and making new Friends and lifelong relationships with clients.
I took the leap and became an Independent Contractor with Liberty Travel and am very glad I did. They all made it easy to learn the new systems and keep you informed with the many changes in the travel industry. New tools and products are continuously coming out to make it easier to book and invoice your trips. The support team is very approachable and supportive with any questions and assistance I need. Happy with my choice!

March 17, 2021
Old Review

Working with the team at Independent by Liberty has been awesome. This past year has just made it difficult to continue the business. I hope to return one day and will definitely do so with ILT! Everyone there is very knowledgeable and resourceful! They were always available to assist me with anything!

March 16, 2021
Old Review

Great company to work with.
Alicia Lindquist, who we work with a lot, is especially knowledgeable and efficient.
The whole team is very good!

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