How to navigate clients’ loyalty programs? How to stay your client's agent -- not tour operator! Project Management Platforms outside CRM?

In episode 138 Steph chats with the lovely Lindsay Taylor of Travel Leaders 365 as they tackle three questions from an astute listener named Tim M. Thanks, Tim! Thanks to you all for your great questions from week to week. 

1) Navigating clients’ loyalty programs: I have many potential clients who have loyalty program status with airlines and hotel groups, (i.e. Delta SkyMiles, Marriott Convoy, etc). What are the logistics of ensuring they receive loyalty benefits, qualifying nights, miles/points, etc, when booking their stay as a travel agent? Do I need to book direct through hotels or will I be able to use other suppliers and still have their loyalty programs honored?

2) Being an Agent vs. an Operator: If I want to book FIT travel, how can I safely curate customized itineraries as a travel agent and not stray into accidentally being considered a tour operator?

3) Project Management Platforms! Do agents typically manage their workflow with their host agency provided CRM program only, or are there other project management platforms that are popular with travel agents?

Thank you so much and Happy New Year! - Tim M.

TODAY’S RESOURCES: (Whitney’s podcast, Masters in Travel) (The Hive: Global directory of suppliers, properties and DMCs) (Thomas Carpenter’s email) (Thomas Carpenter’s law firm’s website) (Complete list of travel industry specific attorneys)

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March 20, 2024
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