HAR-reviewed HAs Only? Host Agencies vs. Travel Agencies? Just Starting in Travel and Need Direction!

In episode 147 Steph co-hosts with Lori Speers of Levarte Travel. Here’s a quick look at the three questions they cover this week. 

1. I found a host agency which fits with my requirements but they don't have any reviews on host agency reviews. Is it okay or not to work with host agencies without any reviews on their profile? --Meseret G.

2. Is there an advantage to working with a host agency that has a storefront? Could you also please explain what the “Host Type” is on the HAR profiles. What is “Host Only” and what is “Hybrid (Host & Travel Agency)”? It’s my understanding that all host agencies are travel agencies. --Anonymous

3. Before I get started with my confusion I would like to tell you what an amazing job you and your team do!!! So thank you! (Aw, thank you!) I love organizing experiences and adventures. This is where I'm stuck at a crossroads; I want to start working and become more knowledgeable in the industry by working at a host agency, but I’m not quite ready to leap out on my own yet. I'm not sure which host would be the best fit for me as someone that has never done this before and would love to start this new adventure. - Stephanie U. 


https://hostagencyreviews.com/blog/independent-travel-agent-contracts (What to look for in your contract with your host agency)

https://hostagencyreviews.com/hosts (List of host agencies w/meta data on if they are a host or hybrid)

https://har.news/roadmap (ASTA’s roadmap to becoming a travel advisor course)

https://hostagencyreviews.com/page/host-week (Host Week! Party! YAY! )

https://hostagencyreviews.com/7-day-setup-accelerator (HAR’s course walking you through how to find a host, with community support, live Q&A calls and live expert calls)

https://hostagencyreviews.com/blog/tips-on-how-to-find-the-best-travel-host-agency (Tips on how to find the best host agency for you)

https://hostagencyreviews.com/blog/find-a-travel-niche (Finding a niche article with some brainstorming guides)

https://hostagencyreviews.com/blog/travel-agent-training-travel-agent-education (Training and education options for ICs )

https://hostagencyreviews.com/travel-conferences-events (In person events, webinars, conferences, FAMs, etc.)

We do this every week! If you have travel industry questions, HAR likely has an answer :) Submit your burning question here: https://har.news/Friday15 and join us this Friday (and every Friday!) at 12CT for travel agent tips!

March 20, 2024
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