Contractual obligations after leaving a HA? When to switch to Travefy? Balancing full-time job with TA work?

In episode 154 Steph co-hosts Stephanie Gries of Travefy. (It’s a special Stephanie and Stephanie episode!) They’ve got some big questions to cover, so grab your note-taking materials and get ready to study up!

1. Hello HAR, I have learned so much from your site and have found it to be an invaluable resource, I only wish I had found it sooner!

I been a travel advisor for about 3 years. I recently left my host. There were some areas of the business that I did not feel the owners were keeping the same priorities as when the agency was first started and not providing support that had also been promised.

On top of taking a 60%/40% commission split- which I now know is not industry standard! In the IC contract that I terminated with my previous agency, there is a paragraph that reads:

"Directly or indirectly, continuing for one year after the termination of this Agreement, contractor shall not, hire, solicit,induce, or attempt to induce any independent contractor working with the Company to terminate his/her/their Commission Sales Agreement with the Company, or otherwise cease his/her/their relationship with the Company."

Do you think this holds any weight? Can they really hold me to not hiring anyone else from their agency for one year? We are all ICs, so I just don't see how they could actually enforce that?

I appreciate any insight or resource you may have on this matter. —Anonymous

2. Hi Stephanie. When does it make sense from a money standpoint for an advisor to join Travefy? With all the startup costs what would you say is the tipping point where it makes sense for an advisor to switch over? —A Fan Named Stephanie with the Last Name Lee

3. What are some tricks for balancing a full-time job with starting an agency? —Melissa A.

TODAY’S RESOURCES: (List of travel industry attorneys) (Things to look for in your contract with your host agency)

Jeff Ment’s website (the attorney we reached out to): Connecticut Law Enforcement Lawyer & Travel Lawyer | Ment Law Group (Annual hosted travel advisor report gives average commission split for new vs. experienced advisors.) (HAR’s comparison chart of travel itinerary builders for agencies.) (HAR’s free travel itinerary building template.) (Check out Travefy!) (recommended Travefy resource) (recommended Travefy resource) (recommended Travefy resource) (Travefy user group) 

May 03, 2024
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