How to Build a Client Base? Leads Programs – Worth It? How to Handle Changeable Clients?

In episode 159 Steph is co-hosting with Nikki Miller! We’ve got some great questions and requests from our audience this week, so please join us! A huge thanks to Travel Planners International – they are our generous sponsors for this episode! 

1. Hi! I’m just starting out and plan to use the summer to find new clients. What are some of the most effective ways you’ve seen new advisors find clients? I work a FT job and have kids that are involved in school activities (choir, softball, track). — Anonymous

2. What are the pros and cons to leads programs? I feel like signing with a host agency that offers a lead program would be beneficial, especially when just starting out. Finding clients is intimidating to me, anyone else?! —Megan W.

3. I have a client who has changed her mind and completely changed her destinations like six times in three days. Each change has cost me hours of work. Any advice? —Michael C.

TODAY’S RESOURCES: (Listen to Travel Agent Chatter episodes to get inspiration on how successful travel advisors have built their businesses!) (TAC with DeJuan Shorter who built much of his business from work contacts) (TAC with Andres Zuleta, who built his business using organic marketing through blogging) (TAC with Jennifer Doncsecz who started out selling Disney to other young families) (TAC with Amy Garner on building her business in accessible travel and families with neurodiverse kids) (Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about travel lead programs for travel agents!) (Travel agent guide to charging fees.) (Travel agent survey data on fee charging practices: what they charge for, how much, fee structures and more.) (Travel Agent Chatter episode with Judi Lombardi on how she came up with her in-depth fee structure)

June 08, 2024
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