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July 16, 2014
I have been with Cruise Planners for over 2 years now and I have enjoyed every moment of it. It was the best decision I have ever made. My wife and I love to travel, especially cruises. Other than planning our own personal travel, I do not have any sales or travel industry experience. I was in the computer industry prior to purchasing the Cruise Planners franchise. The initial week-long training provided by Home Office is invaluable. They give us everything we need to know to start our own Cruise Planners franchise, from how to organize the filing system in our home office to where to find our first customer. Technology is definitely first class and Home Office is constantly making improvements based on feedback from the franchisees. I can literally work from anywhere in the world as long as we have internet connection. We actually continued to conduct our business while in Europe on a river cruise and a Northern Europe Baltic cruise we were recently on. Being an American Express Travel Representative, it definitely gave us a competitive advantage over other travel agencies, especially as a start-up. People immediately recognized the "blue box" and trust us as a reliable company. I highly recommend Cruise Planners if you are looking into a good host agency. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Ivan Lai, MCC Master Cruise Counselor
May 20, 2020

Since COVID-19 began, our corporate executives, Michelle and Vicky, amaze me each week with updates. I loved the Rocky Balboa analogy today. I have been down in the dumps all week about my business and the state of things. Thank you to all Home Office and team for the sacrifices being made. We all know this isn't easy but having you guys in our corner empowers me to keep my business moving.

May 18, 2020

I've been with Cruise Planners for nine years. During the COVID-19 pandemic Cruise Planners has been an exceptional host, offering support via frequent videos, zoom meetings, coaching calls, and email communication -- all chock full of ideas on how to stay on track. I simply can't imagine being with anybody else right now, especially a "big box" agency. Cruise Planners has integrity, sensitivity, marketing savvy, and heart, and now more than ever I know I chose the right franchise.

May 18, 2020

Since the global economy took a turn this year, hearing about Cruise Planners corporate plans to take care of the HOT family touched me and once again re-affirmed that when I bought my franchise 6.5 years ago I joined the right company. #CPStrong

May 18, 2020

This was a very happy review today! I was soooo excited about metrics for the marketing videos. That's super great - and speaks volumes to everyone sitting at home anxious to see some awesome #cruisitude news. Our franchise is scheduling several major virtual cruise nights to keep the momentum up. Home Office videos updates have been great since this stay-at-home order has been in place. #cpstrong #justkeepswimming Thanks Vicky, Michelle and Theresa!

May 18, 2020

I found Cruise Planners by accident 5 years ago and have never looked back. The leadership and foresight makes it easy to see why we will all be successful. Thank you for waiving the admin fees. #CPStrong

May 18, 2020

I continue to be impressed with the leadership of Michelle Fee and Vicky Garcia. Great weekly update...great company. Thanks for all your support amidst the pandemic, Home Office Team!

May 18, 2020

I have been around a while and i remember going thru 2008. Our Cruise Planners leaders got us thru that, and they will get us thru this. I am so thankful to be part of this amazing family.

May 18, 2020

I love the videos Cruise Planners Home Office does on Mondays and Fridays since the lockdown began—they truly help! Cruise Planners keeps all of us updated moment to moment.

May 18, 2020

I spent most of my adult life in a well-run financial organization that had emergency plans in place well in advance and could move quickly with changing environments, through 9/11, hurricanes, etc...well-run machines. This response in the travel industry, to include cruise lines, tour companies and yes, our very own Cruise Planners, has been right up there, showing what can be done quickly and effectively, impressive. Thank you Michelle, Laura and the rest of the team at Cruise Planners Home Office.

January 10, 2019

I joined based on the research garnered from this webpage,, by interviewing Franchisee with other agencies, etc.
I must say the journey hasn't been easy, but well worth the journey. Yes, there is a lot of training because technology is ever so changing. It's great if you ask me. As a new Franchisee, I was so overwhelmed, but since I left Education, after 7 years and have always been a Blogger, I wanted this new venture to work.
Hard work pays off and nothing comes to a dreamer but sleep...So make sure you are working your business.
I am a new Franchisee and have already sold enough to make my investment back, then some ....& I'm still new.

I was concerned about a few comments here, as well as concerned about comments for other brands I was shopping too. My best advise is to due your due diligence --Your Homework.., Make your decision based on such.
When you have if Cruise Planners is your journey..Truly make it your business to run your business.
It may seem hard at first (i.e slow season), but you can do it.
Many people in my graduating September 2018 class are loving this journey, and glad we stepped out to do something new and become Cruise Planners Franchisee selling all things travel as Land and Cruise Experts, not just cruises.

I think a fair synopsis is that I provide a follow up in July 2018, when I purchased, but so far...I am loving it and grateful for this journey.

So do your research, follow your passion, make the decision, put in the hard work, & know It's Going to be a Great Year!

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