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July 16, 2014
I have been with Cruise Planners for over 2 years now and I have enjoyed every moment of it. It was the best decision I have ever made. My wife and I love to travel, especially cruises. Other than planning our own personal travel, I do not have any sales or travel industry experience. I was in the computer industry prior to purchasing the Cruise Planners franchise. The initial week-long training provided by Home Office is invaluable. They give us everything we need to know to start our own Cruise Planners franchise, from how to organize the filing system in our home office to where to find our first customer. Technology is definitely first class and Home Office is constantly making improvements based on feedback from the franchisees. I can literally work from anywhere in the world as long as we have internet connection. We actually continued to conduct our business while in Europe on a river cruise and a Northern Europe Baltic cruise we were recently on. Being an American Express Travel Representative, it definitely gave us a competitive advantage over other travel agencies, especially as a start-up. People immediately recognized the "blue box" and trust us as a reliable company. I highly recommend Cruise Planners if you are looking into a good host agency. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Ivan Lai, MCC Master Cruise Counselor
January 10, 2019

I joined based on the research garnered from this webpage,, by interviewing Franchisee with other agencies, etc.
I must say the journey hasn't been easy, but well worth the journey. Yes, there is a lot of training because technology is ever so changing. It's great if you ask me. As a new Franchisee, I was so overwhelmed, but since I left Education, after 7 years and have always been a Blogger, I wanted this new venture to work.
Hard work pays off and nothing comes to a dreamer but sleep...So make sure you are working your business.
I am a new Franchisee and have already sold enough to make my investment back, then some ....& I'm still new.

I was concerned about a few comments here, as well as concerned about comments for other brands I was shopping too. My best advise is to due your due diligence --Your Homework.., Make your decision based on such.
When you have if Cruise Planners is your journey..Truly make it your business to run your business.
It may seem hard at first (i.e slow season), but you can do it.
Many people in my graduating September 2018 class are loving this journey, and glad we stepped out to do something new and become Cruise Planners Franchisee selling all things travel as Land and Cruise Experts, not just cruises.

I think a fair synopsis is that I provide a follow up in July 2018, when I purchased, but so far...I am loving it and grateful for this journey.

So do your research, follow your passion, make the decision, put in the hard work, & know It's Going to be a Great Year!

February 3, 2018

I started officially with Cruise Planners in November and I love it! My coach was very helpful with training me in the tools and our tools are fantastic. There have been major upgrades since I started. We are fully integrated with Amazon Alexa, our CRM tools are top notch, and our customer interface online is excellent.

The Cruise Planners name is recognizable and has helped me considerably. For example, I was contacted online for a Viking Cruise because the person was impress with my social media page and website.

I feel that in orientation it was very clear that there is a LOT to travel, so if you are interested in the travel business be aware that there is a lot to it. Focus on what you want to sell first and then gradually branch out. I work full-time (usually until 7PM every night.), but I know that every success requires extra hard work. I come home I pick a vendor and try to learn everything I can about it. I also don't expect to be successful in the first six months, which it is also explained by our coaches that it takes time to build a business and that is true in all industries. I have actually done more in travel activity than I thought I would considering I do not do this full-time yet.

So, overall I am very satisfied with this agency.

May 11, 2017

I did my training in July of 2011. Left corporate to start my dream job and never looked back. I'm not going to say it is easy, but it is a labor I love. How great to help someone put together their dream vacation! Cruise Planners has made the process as easy as it can be. The technology they provide is second to none. The Cruise Planner Family support is amazing. If HO is not available to help there is always someone on the CP FB page that is willing to assist with all aspects of the business. I love the Cruisitude! It is widely felt that if one succeeds, we all succeed and most are eager to help. If you decide to become a travel professional I highly recommend you join this winning team. We will be there to help you too.

April 3, 2017

It's interesting to me that most of the reviews here are from the top agents at Cruise Planners. It is true that CP offers a great training program, but yes, it is over overwhelming, even to those of us who have been in the business before. It is true that CP offers excellent technology and tools. Where CP failed me, was in the first two years. My coaches seemed to offer nothing more than the same rote advice, there was no personalization. That has changed in the past year, with a change to the people who are coaching and the regions they are coaching. I have had regular conversations with my coach in the past year, and she has been great. Another way I feel CP failed me, was in the customer service department. I can not tell you how many times I called home office to ask a question or get information, and was greeted by someone who sounded like I was the LAST call they wanted to take, and that I was bothering them. I got the impression pretty early on, that because I was not one of the star agents at CP, that my needs were not important. I can think of maybe three people I dealt with that were pleasant and helpful, my new coach being one of them. In general, most people pay a good deal of money to join CP, yet they nickel and dime every tool they can provide to you. I feel that they way they go about some things is kind of sneaky. For example, when brochure rack was implemented. You had to opt out of it, if you didn't want it. Well, as busy as we get, it can be difficult to keep up with everything, so you either miss that memo, or forget about it, and the next thing you know you are being charged for a tool you don't want, and have not used. I was hopeful that things could work out for me at CP, but when my contract came up for renewal, and not one person reached out to me to discuss, or make me feel like a valuable member of the organization, I decided to move on. I don't want to be a part of an organization that doesn't seem to value my contributions, even if they are smaller than some others.

Host Agency Response
April 17, 2017

We can certainly appreciate Jennifer’s feelings and respect her decision to move on.

It’s very important to all of us at Cruise Planners that we support and listen to our franchise owners in order to best support them and come up with individually-tailored programs and tools to help them grow their businesses. As a franchisor, we offer a complete business in a box which includes a suite of technology tools which include a proprietary CRM system with client management, sales pipeline, live booking, group registration, mobile app (B2B & B2C), social media platform with automated posts, along with a professionally designed and fully maintained website. In addition to technology, we offer a fully turn-key marketing program which goes out on behalf of the franchise owners via print, email, web and social media marketing channels on a weekly basis. All of the above programs as included in the monthly technology access fee of $59. We are committed to bringing and actually developing the very best tools and programs in the marketplace, and our guiding principles is to do so without, “nickel & diming” our franchise owners. So I am surprised that Jennifer felt that the “Brochure Rack” program was “sneaky”, however, let me share here that CP Headquarters actually subsidized half of that program which is licensed from Mailpound for our franchisees. We did make it an opt-out program based on feedback from our advisory board of existing CP agents as it would make it easier for most, vs having to opt-in, and since it was such a great value, at such a low cost (under $5 p/month). I do apologize if it came across “sneaky” however that was never our intention, and in fact, we required upon design that the process to cancel/opt-out was built with multiple reminders and ease-of-use. We currently do not have any other like programs, but do consider partnering if it makes sense and offers benefits to our agents.

I am saddened that Jennifer felt undervalued as we strive every day to run this company as a family and EVERYONE is important. We invest a lot into our “human capital” as well in hiring the BEST of the BEST at HQ to be there to help our franchise owners succeed because, in the end, we are committed…we do NOT succeed, if they are not successful. (Period)

Cruise Planners has been named No.1 travel franchise by Entrepreneur 14 consecutive years and has been ranked as the #1 travel franchise by Franchise Business Review for 6 years in a row – both of these accolades take into account franchise satisfaction and demonstrate our strength as a company. We are committed to each franchise owner and want each to be successful by providing them with innovative marketing, booking and lead-generating tools as well as professional development and hands-on training with the industry’s top executives.

Vicky Garcia

COO & Co-Owner

Cruise Planners, an American Express Travel Representative

December 21, 2016

When I first broke into the travel business four years ago I wanted to join Cruise Planners. At the time, I was involved in another business and did not have the funds. The expression "timing is everything" is so true. While I did join a host agency, learned a great deal and did grow my business, I was itching for something more. That something more was Cruise Planners. I went back to my research and was finally in a position to purchase my franchise. I purchased in March 2016 after many months of research. I have not looked back. Cruise Planners has helped me to grow even more in the short time I have owned my franchise. While I still have a full-time job I know that Cruise Planners will be the agency that will get me to where I can be a full-time agent.
The powerful name Cruise Planners within the industry, the support, technology, ongoing training and family atmosphere has made it the best decision I have ever made. I am proud to be part of the Cruise Planners Family.

August 11, 2016

I've owned my Cruise Planners franchise for more than 12 years, and I would recommend this host agency to anyone looking to begin in the travel industry, as well as anyone who is a seasoned travel professional and is looking for a great host agency. Cruise Planners is progressive in every way, keeping up with today's newest technology, and maintaining a preferred status with vendors worldwide.

August 11, 2016

Cruise Planners is an excellent company to work with. Outstanding support, innovative marketing and always at the forefront of technology and booking systems. We joined 14 years ago and it was the best decision that we could make and now 14 years later if I had to make the decision I would join Cruise Planners again!
Allison Read

August 6, 2016

I have been with Cruise Planners since 2002 after owning my own computer networking business for 10 years. I did not have travel experience getting into this, but did have a passion for travel and wanted to continue to be an entrepreneur.

I looked into a few other travel franchises, but hands down, CP was for me....and continues to be the best decision I ever made!

I am part of the Millionaires Club now for 8 years and can credit that to hard work & commitment to my clients, I couldn't've reached these goals without the support, leadership and the incredible marketing and technology tools the CP offers us. They are always open to feedback and continue to launch the newest, cutting edge tools and programs that help me not only find new clients, service existing ones, but almost as importantly, allows me to work more efficiently so I don't have to increase my expenses, therefore increases my profitability.
I can't imagine ever having to take on all that they do for me, myself.

Along the way, I've made incredible friends at Cruise truly is a family.

The tools, marketing programs, support, training and flexibility available in a “business in a box” format are really, really impressive. The networking among colleagues is invaluable.

July 31, 2016

I only started researching about a week ago. I've listened to a couple of CP Webinars, researched more on YouTube. So far it sounds almost to good to be true. I understand it will take hard work and I am a very hard working person. I am very excited by all the positive reviews. So far I have had correspondence with Dan at CP - - I'm extremely happy with the support, and one-on-one I already feel from CP, and the electronic marketing tools available.

July 25, 2016

I have been with Cruise Planners since June, 2011. I was looking for a franchise opportunity to help supplement my retirement income and Cruise Planners seemed like a perfect fit. I was never in the travel industry before so I was starting from scratch and needed to make sure I found a company that would support me just as much as if I were a seasoned travel industry professional. I was right on the mark! Cruise Planners has provided me the tools, training and support to help grow my franchise into more than I ever thought it would be. I firmly believe that the support structure and technology that Cruise Planners has put in place is second to none in the industry. My business continues to grow annually and at a much faster pace than I had in my 5 year plan. So, needless to say I am thrilled with everything that Cruise Planners has brought me. Just remember, that no matter how great an opportunity is that may be sent your way, it will only be as successful as you want it to be. So, if you put in the effort to learn and use the tools that Cruise Planners has made available, you will be very successful. Purchasing my franchise is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

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