Who Is a KHM Travel Group Agent?

May 30, 2019

The 2019 KHM Travel Agent was exciting for our team, because the results helped us better understand the demographic makeup of our agents and their diverse backgrounds. They also revealed what motivated our agents to start their travel businesses, and how much time they spend on their businesses.

The insight provided by the 2019 Agent Census allows us to better develop programs and tools to meet our agents' needs and goals. We appreciate all fo the agents who took the time to respond.

So, who is a KHM Travel Group Agent?

KHM Q2 Infographic image

They Work Hard . . .

42% of KHM agents have another full time job and 13% have another part time job in addition to their travel business.

KHM Q2 infographic image 2

KHM Travel Group is one of the nation’s leading host agencies, providing education, support, tools and resources for independent travel agents around the country. To learn how KHM Travel Group can help you build a thriving travel agency, call 1-888-611-1220 or visit KHMTravel.com.