Travel Quest Provides Complimentary CRM for Its Travel Agents

October 2, 2017

At Travel Quest we are excited to announce to all our agents that we now have a COMPLIMENTARY CRM

If you are saying to yourself, “I love anything Free, but what is a CRM?” let’s start with defining exactly what a CRM or a Client Relationship Management tool is and what is its purpose. 

Have you ever wondered how/why you get a birthday card from one sales person you have worked with in the past and not from another? The answer is simple good sales people have a robust CRM that reminds them of all the important dates in YOUR life, quickly and easily. Personal touch marketing never ends. It’s the perfect way to remind your clients that you appreciate their business and their referrals.

When is the best time to start a CRM? If you are new to travel, TODAY is the perfect day to start. If you’ve been in travel for a while but have no actual method or CRM, TODAY is a perfect day for you to start as well. It is never too late to begin.

Our system is called AgentMate. It’s the perfect answer to FULL client management. Managing your client list from day one is a definite ingredient for success in in any business. AgentMate lays the questions out for you to easily follow when building a client profile. Tab from field to field, and fill in the blanks, it couldn’t be easier, and when it comes to reservations and invoicing, the sky’s the limit for entering data and pulling your data later in the perfect report.

One of the great things about AgentMate is that YOU are in the command when it comes to the data that gets entered, as much or as little as you want

Here’s a quick look at some of the hot buttons that AgentMate includes:

  1. Internet based: It’s always available for anywhere.
  2. Securely stores credit card numbers: It’s important that any business accepting credit card numbers is PCI compliant.
  3. Ability to link clients and their relationship: Grown children linked to their parents
  4. Passport Expiration: This is where service comes in. A reminder to your client that their passport expires in 1 year is a great way to show your expertise.
  5. Bucket list items: When a client tells you what their dream getaway is, don’t let that moment get away from you! Document it, and maybe just before a birthday or an anniversary send a teaser.
  6. Anniversary & Birthdays: Is there a BIG one coming up? It’s the perfect reminder to suggest a trip to celebrate.
  7. Manage groups and group inventory: Always important to gather all the info and link everyone in the group, not only those traveling, but those interested who could not make the trip. There is always next year.
  8. Customizable to your company with logo, location & contact info: It’s totally up to you how you want your invoices to look and read.
  9. 2 Way conversation with your marketing program: Email marketing based on the preferences you have given your clients. All complimentary, with your information front and center.
  10. Easily shows the last 20+ touches in the system with easy recall: How many times at the end of the day have you been stuck trying to remember the name of someone you talked to earlier? Just click and you have a quick way to see the last 20 clients you have opened.
  11. Auto sends requested sales reports at your request to your email: What better way to invigorate your psyche than to send yourself a report on what you have booked last week or yesterday. You set the parameters of what and when.
  12. Auto sends requested travel reports at your request to your email: What better way to keep on track of potential weather issues that to know who you have traveling for the next 5,7,10 days. Again, you set the parameters.
  13. Single Sign On (SSO) that goes straight to our multi line cruise booking engine and into AgentUniverse: Login easily with just a click.
  14. Easy view Dashboad for credit card payments submitted: No payment is made, but card is sent directly to you.
  15. Easy marketing and client travel interest management: Perfect place to note the “bucket list” trip.
  16. PAY NOW link that safely and securely allows your client to send their credit card information straight to your CRM: Email credit card payment link so that you can securely collect credit card information.
  17. Ability to store client preferences & loyalty numbers: Was it aisle or window? Gluten free or vegetarian? Easily store all your client preferences in one place
  18. Easy online learning tools to master the system: 50 online tutorials for easy learning
  19. Easy upload of your existing clients
  20. Keep at your fingertips all your clients loyalty numbers
  21. It’s free!!!

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