Top 10 Ways to Streamline and Grow Your Travel Agency Business

September 24, 2019

The modern travel industry has changed drastically. The internet offers consumers many ways to search for travel destinations and decide on the ideal one for them. They can easily and quickly access information about different destinations, requirements to travel there, and other elements of the trip. And of course, consumers can independently book all aspects of a trip online from their accommodations to airfare and other logistics. In order to compete in this changing landscape, it's important for travel agents to offer personalized attention, time and money savings, insider destination knowledge, and other valuable services.
What this all means is that a travel agency business has to do more than it initially did to stay relevant and stand out from the crowd. It has to strive to offer value-added services to appeal to consumers. However, many travel agencies are stuck on how to streamline their business and maintain viability in the market as consumers have more access to travel information than ever before. This article provides ten ways to streamline your travel agency business to attain competitiveness and improve your bottom line and efficiency.    

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​1.  Specialize

Specialization is a saving grace for a travel agency business. With almost every consumer being able to perform basic tasks such as searching for destinations and booking accommodation, travel agencies have to specialize in packages that the average consumer can't find easily.
You can identify unique destinations to specialize in. For example, if consumers can easily find information on destinations in America, maybe it's time to specialize in unique destinations outside America in Europe and Asia. Focus on a few destinations or types of trips and be an expert in them. Another idea is to specialize in a style of travel, whether it's budget backpacking or luxury resorts.

​2.  Cultivate credibility

Strive to differentiate your travel agency from the hundreds or thousands of travel agencies out there. You can do this by maintaining integrity and adopting good core values. Also, sell your expertise, not deals. Focus on offering accurate expert advice and personalized service. Always identify ways to make clients happy and delight them. Ensure you meet their needs and exceed their expectations.  ​

​3.  Master your pitch

Many customers ask these questions; tell me about your agency? What differentiates your agency from others? You should assess the way you answer these questions and the impression your answers create. Have you mastered your response? Is your response good enough and does it sell your agency? It is essential that you know how to respond to the questions customers ask frequently. Your responses to these questions help determine whether a customer chooses your agency or takes their business to competitors instead.

​4.  Give a personal touch

You can streamline your travel agency business by offering clients a personal touch. Consumers value personal touch and the assurance that you will always be available to answer their questions and respond to any issues. You can offer a personal touch by always responding to phone calls, emails, and other communication channels promptly. Carrying your phone always so that you get communications instantly is a good place to start. This doesn't mean you have to be available 24/7 (that's a good way to get burned out), but rather that your clients can count on you replying to them promptly. Effective communication with clients establishes trust and credibility.   

​5.  Sell experiences

The modern internet age requires travel agency businesses to sell experiences, not just services. Consumers can get the services by themselves making experiences the differentiating factor. You can streamline your travel agency by selling experiences. Concentrate on giving your customers an unforgettable experience with your agency and extend it to their destinations. The more unique the experience, the more value you add. Get clients to experience special events or people to differentiate your agency.

6.  Go online

Having an online presence is a must-have nowadays, not a good-to-have. If you don't have an online presence, it's time for it. Many consumers use the internet to look for travel agents. Also, the internet is an ideal avenue to network with customers and other agencies and advertise your agency. ​Invest in a quality website and create social media pages. Your website should be easy to navigate and visually impressive. You can create social media pages for the most popular social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Use your social media pages to share tips and travel information and market your travel packages. Also, connect with prospects, answer travel-related questions, and establish yourself as a thought leader.

​7.  Partner with others

Travel agency businesses should be aware and ready to partner with other agencies and companies to grow their business and streamline their operations. You can partner with a host agency like Travel Quest Network to get expert support and education, more connections, and exclusive supplier promotions. ​Also, you can hire a marketing agency or sign up for referrals to increase your leads. Eventually, you may want to outsource your payroll and bookkeeping to a virtual service to streamline operations even more and free up your time.   ​

​8.  Market vigorously

You may have the best travel agency in your region that offers the best travel packages, but if clients don't know you exist, you won't make sales. Therefore, you have to market your travel agency to create awareness of your existence.
Learn how to market your services, negotiate with customers, and persuade confidently. After you have won a sale, do not hit and run. Establish a good relationship with the customer after the sale to assure repeat business and referrals.

​9.  Perform a self-check

Many businesses fail to do a self-check to identify the areas they are excelling in and those they are not. As a travel agent business, it is important to perform a self-check to determine whether you are delivering the best value. You can ask clients to give reviews after using your services. ​After the reviews, determine how you are faring. Do customers like your services? Do they enjoy the destinations? Which areas would they like you to improve? Using customer feedback, you can improve your agency to offer the best services and experiences to customers. Importantly, weigh yourself against competitors. What are they doing differently that you can emulate?   

10. Be a lifelong student of change

You should strive to be a lifelong student of change. The travel industry has changed significantly, and the pace of change continues to increase by the day. In line with this, it is essential that you become a student of industrial best practices and be ready to embrace new ways of doing things.

These tips will take time and effort to implement, but they can also help transform your business for the better. Learn more about how you can grow your business with the support and training at Travel Quest Network.