Travel Quest 5-Star Host Agency

You might be asking yourself right now- Which host agency is the best for me?  If you are new or experienced choosing the right host agency makes a difference for your business. A good host agency should be helping your business succeed. So maybe you have read about Travel Quest and wondered what really sets them apart from the rest. Well, we don’t like to gloat (ok sometimes we do), but here are the top 10 that makes us different!

1. Stellar customer service!! That’s right, no answering machines when you call here.  You are greeted by someone from the midwest answering the phone and ready to help.  We want to make sure we are connecting with our agents one on one, via phone or email.

2. Free Coaching: It’s always nice to have someone who has been there done that or someone to bounce ideas off of.  That is what the TQ coaching is for! 30 mins of one on one time with a Travel Quest Team member to help you overcome any questions you have.

3. Commission Tracking Program: Track your commissions and receive alerts when they are going to be paid. Run reports to see how your commission compares year over year and more!

4. Private Facebook and Forum: A perfect way to connect with other TQ agents and ask questions, gain insight or even help others.

5. Complimentary Website Program: Email Marketing and CRM: At Travel Quest we like to give you a good foundation for your business. We include a website program and a CRM.  

6. Training: We grill our vendors for the latest and greatest information to get you the knowledge you need to be ahead. And the cool thing is we have it on demand. So you will be in the know.

7. Exclusive incentives and giveaways: We aim our promotions and giveaways for everyone.  We offer some incentives that are sales based, as well as some that are knowledge based. New agents can learn and earn from the knowledge based incentives while experienced agents can benefit from sales based. This gives everyone a chance to win!

8. Travel Quest National Meeting: Even though it’s only once a year agents talk about it all year long! With classroom style training, prizes and events this makes it the years go to event.  This year we gave away over $49,000 in prizes!

9. Four Different Commission Plans: If you are new 70% is for you. For the experienced that want to earn every penny we have 100% and other plan options in between.

10. Fams and Agent Discounts: We offer exclusive Travel Quest FAMS as well access to vendor FAMS so you can gain personal experience for your clients.

These are just a few items that set’s Travel Quest apart as a 5-star host agency. We look forward to chatting with you soon!

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