2016 Marks The Year of Transformation For Travel Planners International

2016 Marks The Year of Transformation For Travel Planners International

MAITLAND, FLA February 22, 2016—Travel Planners International (TPI) is on a transformational quest in 2016 to better serve its agents, partners, and the industry as a whole. "We recognize that 80 percent of the industry struggle to effectively market themselves in today's heavy social media and experiential driven environment," said Ken Gagliano, President of Travel Planners International. "To us, it is important to reposition ourselves as not just a host agency in the traditional sense, but as a marketing and support agency for new and experienced travel professions, as well as a resource for consumers."

At the start of 2016, Travel Planners International jumpstarted its quest and updated its approach by launching an interactive, consumer-facing website. Transforming from just a portal for agents and suppliers to gather information about TPI, to a robust resource for consumers to research trip options and to connect directly to a specialized agent who can book their travel. Consumers are able to filter their search by travel and destination specialties, location, and language, as well as leave trip and agent reviews, highlighting an agent's expertise.

"Innovative marketing efforts to reach consumers is important, so we help our agents' business  continually grow and flourish."  — Ken Gagliano


"For years, we've heard from our agents and suppliers that they are looking to attract and connect with new travelers. Our new website and direction will do just that!" said Gagliano. "Innovative marketing efforts to reach consumers is important, so we help our agents' business continually grow and flourish. Not only will the travel agent prosper, but the consumer will experience an improved vacation when the planning is taken off their plate. Our specialized travel agents have an endless list of restaurants, activities, must-see sights and places to experience outside the mainstream travel objectives."

TPI is using a multi-pronged approach to drive traffic to its website and subsequently to its agents including SEO optimization tactics, the latest strategies for organic boosts, creation of original content utilizing a Huffington Post Travel writer, and bolstering its social media presence on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. Additionally, TPI has launched a consumer focused e-newsletter named The Onward Traveler, featuring a different travel specialty or destination, and sent to over 250,000 consumers weekly. Continuing with its transformation, Travel Planners International redesigned its logo to capture the feeling of the new direction.

"Our new logo symbolizes how a destination is just a point on a map until it is more. Our collection of specialized travel agents transforms destinations into pinpoints of life. It can be challenging to market yourself and your travel specialty outside of your immediate influence. We are changing that for our agents and suppliers by connecting them directly to consumers who are looking to plan their next big adventure," said Gagliano.



Travel Planners International is a marketing and support agency for new and experienced travel professionals. Travel agents partner with TPI for their profit generating marketing programs, consumer connect options, negotiation power, small business training events, and time saving back office support. An advocate for the travel industry as a whole, Travel Planners International educates and connects consumers directly to their collection of specialized travel agents and preferred industry suppliers through their interactive consumer facing website, strong social media presence, direct consumer marketing, as well as their collaborative ventures with complimentary industry associations and consortium. Agents or suppliers who wish to partner with TPI please visit www.TravelPlannersInternational.com.

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