Travel Planners International Introduces 'Partner of the Month' Program

January 4, 2017

ORLANDO, FL – Travel Planners International, a top sales, marketing and support agency for the travel professional, has launched a new program for 2017 – Partner of the Month (POM). The all-new initiative is designed to highlight one preferred supplier partner each month. POM is a perfect example of how Travel Planners International strives to bring new initiatives and events to strengthen the engagement of preferred partners with the TPI family of agents.

Suppliers that are featured via Partner of the Month will be ‘front and center’ for an entire month with the TPI network of more than 3,700 agents across the U.S. The POM will be promoted in many ways, from multiple Facebook Live chats where partners can engage with agents throughout the month to logo placement in TPI staff email signatures, supplier mentions on every call and other creative ways.

“Royal Caribbean is proud to be the January partner of the month. Our strong relationship with TPI is one that we place an extremely high value on. TPI agents create lasting memories for their clients and couple that with Royal Caribbean we are a perfect match,” said Vicki Freed, Senior Vice President, Sales and Trade Support & Service, Royal Caribbean.

“We are beyond excited to be TPI's very first Travel Partner of Month. Our partnership is strong and our ‘commitment to making memories happen’ is one that we both are proud to create together,” said Pura Fritzius, Manager, National Accounts Sales & Marketing, Royal Caribbean.

Through online and offline marketing channels, the Partner of the Month will receive exclusive exposure that is not available to any other partner for an entire month, maximizing sales and exposure for that partner across the TPI agent network.

Jenn Lee, VP of Sales and Marketing, Travel Planners International, stated, “In an industry that is fueled by relationships, launching the partner of the month program gives us and our supplier partners a chance to recognize one another...furthering our commitment to the travel agent community.”

“To be successful you need a winning formula, host agency and a great vendor. Thanks to TPI, I have direct access to the local BDM of RCCL who helps me increase my sales of an award-winning product,” said Ran Cohen, Owner, RC Travel 4 Less.


Travel Planners International is a marketing and support agency for new and experienced travel professionals. Travel agents partner with Travel Planners International for their profit-generating marketing programs, consumer connect options, negotiation power, small-business training events and time-saving back-office support.

Being an advocate for the travel industry as a whole, Travel Planners International educates and connects consumers directly to their collection of specialized travel agents and preferred industry suppliers through strong social media presence, direct consumer marketing, as well as their collaborative ventures with complementary industry associations and consortia.

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