6 Easy Tips for Choosing Travel Agency Names

September 22, 2023

Choosing a travel agency name, how hard can it be? As it turns out, pretty hard. You've probably already had an experience like this: You check to see if your domain is available. You type in StephsTravel.com. Domain not available. You try every variation. Domain not available. What about SunAndFunTravels.com? Domain not available.

Haven't had that experience yet? Try it out: Type in a name you like at a domain registrar such as NameCheap.

ARGH! Who are these people that are taking every, single travel agency name IN THE UNIVERSE?!?

This article is going to help with you with the practicalities of what to name your travel agency, covering the following steps to finding a travel agency name in-depth:

  1. Brainstorm a list of names. Do at least 20, then pick a shortlist of 3-5. Show those to a few savvy entrepreneurial friends, or put up a poll on social to see what your friends like best.
  2. Make sure the domain is available: Check on a domain registrar site like GoDaddy or NameCheap to make sure the domain is available.
  3. Google your travel agency's name. Does it compete with an internet giant that will bury you in the search? More importantly, is there already an agency or company that shows up in the local search box? If so, be wary.
  4. Write out your URL. Your travel agency name may seem innocent enough, but sometimes URLs like to take it to the gutter (where EllisTalksTravelers.com threatens to become Elli Stalks Travelers)
  5. See how your name looks on a business card. Does the name fit on a business card nicely?
  6. Make sure it's not trademarked already. Check your potential name to make sure that the name is not already trademarked!
  7. Reserve your social media vanity URLs and handles! Once you land on a name, don't forget to stake your claim on your social media accounts too!
  8. Buy that domain. When you've gone through all the steps, make sure to buy that domain. We also recommend buying the .net/.org and plural/singular versions if you can. This prevents someone from riding on your coattails and trying to steal traffic meant for your agency. (See promo codes at the bottom of this article)

Phew! That's a lot of steps, but don't worry, we will walk you through them. We'll address real-world factors you need to consider when choosing travel agency names. Heck, we've even put all the things you should consider when picking your travel agency name into an Excel sheet for you. And we show you how to search to see if the name is trademarked, registered in your state name, and more!

If you want a list of travel agency names, we've got that for you at the very end of the article. But keep in mind that ANY travel agency name list you run across is seen by everyone else looking for travel agency names so you likely won't find your Forever Travel Agency Name in a generic online list. However, it might inspire you with some ideas!

Now, what you will find with this article is something even more important—how to choose a travel agency name that is memorable, personable, and won't end up in a trademark lawsuit. :)

If you're having trouble figuring out where to even start with your agency's name, you might find our article on finding a travel niche helpful; the exercise will help get your brain turning. And while you're at it, try out our free 7-day setup to get your agency into full gear!

Online Considerations

Before you fall in love with a travel agency name, you want to ensure that the domain is available and ensure there aren't 100 agencies with names so close to yours that it'd become confusing. I go through this process in a Friday 15 episode. Take a look:

Going through these next steps will save you some heartbreak by preventing you from picking a name that's not available. Here we go!

1. Is the .com domain name available for your travel agency?

Have you checked on NameCheap or GoDaddy (two popular domain registrars) where you can buy your domain?

Resist the temptation to buy .travel, .io, .ly, or whatever else is hip and cool right now. You also want to avoid using .net/.org as your main domain! Everyone thinks '.com' and that's what you want.

The reason people buy a .net or .org is that the .com is unavailable. And if it's unavailable it means someone else owns it. Even if there is nothing there now, there may be in the future. You don't want to own the .net/.org/.travel domain and have your clients end up at the .com website thinking it's you!

When it comes to seeing if the .com is available, here's a few places you can check availability and buy your travel agency domain. Each of these sites has the exact same inventory; where you purchase your domain is just a matter of preference. We've used all of them and had good experiences. And if you buy them via the links below, it's like buying me a (half a) cup of coffee. :)

  1. Google WorkspaceGoogle Workspace is my personal favorite because once you buy the domain, it integrates seamlessly to create your custom email address (i.e. Steph@StephsTravels.com). It saves you time and if you're not technical, it will save you a headache. If you're thinking, "I don't need a custom email," just remember that for the cost of a Caramel Frappuccino each month, you could be branding your business and looking a whole lot more professional! Totally worth it.)
  2. NameCheapUse our link for an $5.98/.com domain. A well-known place to buy your travel agency domain name, and just as easy and reputable as GoDaddy. You'll need to do a little extra work to get your custom email set up on Gmail. NameCheap's renewal rates are waaaaaaayyyy more reasonable than GoDaddy. (GoDaddy was once twice as expensive when I was renewing so I switched to NameCheap)
  3. GoDaddyUse our link for a $9.99/domain promo. Buying a domain on GoDaddy is easy, but for setting up your custom email on Gmail, you will need to do some adjustments. Note: GoDaddy really jacks up the domain renewal pricing.
  4. BlueHost: If you are planning on hosting your own website (hosting price $3.95/mo), BlueHost is the one to use since they throw in the domain for free. 😊

Not sure if you want to host your own domain? Or you have no idea what that means? We've got the ultimate resource on travel agency website options that you should definitely read!

2. Competitive Intelligence: Google your travel agency names

There's 3 main things to consider when pulling some quick competitive intelligence:

Google Local Results for Travel Agency
  1. Don't go up against an internet giant: Google your travel agency name and see what pulls up. If somehow your future travel agency name puts you up against [insert well-known site], you'll probably want to reconsider. You want to pull up in the #1 search slot for your travel agency name whenever possible. Don't set yourself up for failure by pitting yourself against internet giants. (Read on about the "G.A.P Adventures" snafu below.)
  2. Is there another agency with a name the same as or similar to yours? Even if your domain is available, another thing to watch out for is stumbling onto an agency with a name that is really close to your agency name. If I want to name my domain to be "www.SteinTime-Travel.Com" but there's already an established agency called "Stein-TimeTravel.Com" I won't want to risk sending my clients to a different agency. This one can be tough to avoid, but some major considerations you may want to keep in mind are: a) How active is the agency? b) How high do they rank on Google (if someone slightly misspells your agency, will they go to the wrong site)? c) How close are they in proximity to you (are you completing for a higher rank in a local search? If so, steer clear.)?

You'll have an advantage over large sites because as a local business, your name will pop up in Google's local search results. For example, when I Googled "travel agency" a few local travel agency names showed up before Liberty Travel.

However, if a big giant of a site pulls up when you google your travel agency name, staying away is still a best practice; I say, don't make your life harder if you don't have to! 😊

3. Write out your URL

This is important, you guys. A few examples of people that didn't write their website address out:

  1. Who Represents seems innocent enough until . . . www.whorepresents.com
  2. Speed of Art becomes... www.speedofart.com
  3. Choose Spain becomes less attractive when it's . . . www.choosespain.com
  4. IT Scrap could spin their services another way besides... www.itscrap.com
  5. Go Away Travel . . . We know you're helping to book vacations for people that want to get away, but the name is, uh, less than welcoming.

They're funny examples to read, but it probably wouldn't be so funny if it was one of your travel agency names!

All that said, check out my business name: HostAgencyReviews.com. Do you see it? How about if I write it like this: HostageNcyReviews.com. Hostages. Because I like to keep people hostage on my site to increase my 'time on site' stat. 😊

4. Check out your travel agency name on a business card

Nichole Ehrbar, an agent that took our free #7daysetup challenge, had a great suggestion we want to share with you! "I recommend playing around on vista[print] or some other business card site and seeing what your name looks like once it's put on print! That can make a big difference!"

It's a great idea to get a sense of how your travel agency's name looks visually. Here are a few places you can play around with the look of your business card online:

  1. MOO: Lots of fun business card shapes/sizes
  2. Vistaprint: A tried and true fan favorite

I've ordered business cards online but now that my company is established, I like to recommend working with local printers for your business cards. Like most of you, they depend on local clientele to be successful in business. And they very well might reciprocate and book their next trip with you! Local networking at its finest. 😊

Government Considerations

First things first. Let's make sure your travel agency name is going to be legit in the eyes of the law.

1. Is the travel agency name available in your state/province?

As a business, you probably need to register your business name with your state/province. You'll want to see if your travel agency name is available before you start putting money into marketing that name or you'll have a headache on your hands trying to change the name of your company!

  1. US readers: Not all states require you to register, but check your state's laws for registering your business name.
  2. Canadian readers: Info on registering your business name in your province.

Your goal? Make sure your travel agency name isn't taken by someone else in your state/province.

2. Is your future travel agency name trademarked?

Trademark issues are expensive and can totally disrupt the brand you've built. Actually, they can kill the brand you've built and make you start anew.

An example of this in the travel world? The travel company now known as G Adventures used to be GAP Adventures (short for The Great Adventure People)—that is until they were sued by GAP clothing for trademark infringement. The legal battle lasted FIVE years. In the end, the court ruled against GAP Adventures (a great link to learn more about why the court sided with GAP clothing). GAP Adventures was re-branded to the company we know today, G Adventures.

GAP Adventures logo changed to G Adventures logo due to trademark infringement

Now, back to you. You don't want a legal battle on your hands like G Adventures! Avoid running into trademark infringement by searching the US Patent and Trademark Office's Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS). Did you find someone with a similar name or a variation of your name? If you found something (even if it's a company doing something totally different), it's probably best to chose a different name.

Common Sense Considerations

1. Xerox ain't for everyone:

You sell travel. Don't try to get all crazy and reinvent the wheel and name your company a word no one has heard of. Having the word travel, cruise, etc. in your agency name makes it easy for potential clients to know what you do. It also helps with your SEO. (After all, at the dawn of Xerox, they never had to worry about internet searches or SEO!)

Peoples' brains associate different word combinations and going against the grain means it will be harder for people to remember your agency name. It also makes it harder for you to do your marketing and build recognition for your company.

If you're really wanting to go for a more creative travel agency name (after all, look at Airbnb or Uber or Spotify!), test it out. Tell friends your potential name and ask them if they remember it a few days later. Sometimes, those names can be awesome, but you have to build the brand and emotions behind them, which takes time. And a lot of new companies don't have the time or budget to do that.

Visit our marketing page to read popular marketing articles.

2. Keep it Short:

My site, Host Agency Reviews, is lengthy, but manageable. However, it can be challenging at times so I'd lean towards not much longer than 15 letters. The shorter, the better.

Some real-life reasons to keep your travel agency name short?

  1. More and more people are on mobile. Teeny, tiny screens. The less they need to type, the better.
  2. The longer the name, the more room for error whenever a client types it out.
  3. Short names are much easier to fit tastefully into marketing pieces.
  4. If your travel agency's name is long, remember your email address will be even longer.
  5. Lastly (and take this from me) spelling out your website/email address is a PAIN for long names! "Yes, that's Stephanie with a 'ph' and an 'ie' at H-O-S-T-A-G-E-N-C-Y-R—" (You get the picture).

3. You sell what?

When naming your travel agency, you'll want to sit down and think about your travel agency niche. How are you going to be different and set yourself apart? Certainly, you may want to provide the best customer service but in travel, people are buying your expertise as well as your service. Since you can't be an expert in everything, you'll need to narrow it down by finding a travel niche. Name your agency so people know that you are selling travel . . . not guinea pigs.

Now, I know I just told you to try to get specific. But, don't be too specific. Why? Let's say you're going to sell trips to Mexican jungles and named your travel agency Jungle Journeys. Then you got into the business and discovered you're highly allergic to unseen jungle bugs. Well, you'll have to pivot and take your agency in a different direction. Away from jungles. But, darn it, that's going to involve renaming your company.

So, be as non-specifically specific as you can. Easy, right? 😉

4. Get a second opinion:

Have another set of eyes (or two) give you their honest feedback. (Don't ask aunt Matilda who loves everything you do!) Have them take a look at it written down, smooshed together as a domain, and have them say it out loud a few times.

For the Truly Dedicated

I kid you not, there is a company that has written up a 26-page guide on naming companies. If you're one of those souls that can think of nothing better than cuddling up with a 26-page guide and reading all about how to name your travel agency, please, by all means, download the Igor Naming Guide. (Don't print it though. I don't want the guilt of killing forests upon forests.) 

You've Picked Your Travel Agency Name, What's Next?

You've done your due diligence and now you're all set to make things happen! Once you've picked out your travel agency name, tie up your loose ends and download our Stake Your Claim: Travel Agency Name Checklist.

Now that you've picked out your agency name, you're ready to get that agency started! Make sure to start researching your business credit card options as buying business cards, buying a website theme, joining a host agency .... they all require moola and setting up your travel agency financials ASAP will make bookkeeping so much easier for you in the long run. 

In Summary!

  1. Make sure you register your travel agency name ( US | Canada)
  2. Buy your domain (Google | GoDaddy | NameCheap)
  3. When buying the domains, some people like to ensure the exclusivity of their site by buying the .net and .org or any similar names to avoid someone setting up a competing site. For instance, if you have www.worldcruise.com you may also want to buy similar names such as worldcruises.com. You could also buy worldcruise.net and worldcruise.org . . . but it starts getting expensive. That said, someone did buy the .net and .org for HAR because I didn't. It's a dog-eat-dog world, I tell ya.

Fantastic! Now, you need to make sure that you solidify your brand by ensuring you're in control of all online real estate with your travel agency's name. What does that mean?

  1. Reserve your social media vanity URLs.
  2. Even if you don't plan on being active on a social media network right now, there can be only one Facebook page with your travel agency name (facebook.com/HostAgencyReviews) so make sure you get it!
  3. And it's not just Facebook. Here are the sites we recommend that you set up business accounts with (we link directly to the business account setup pages, when applicable):
Facebook business page
  1. Facebook
  2. YouTube
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Pinterest
  5. Instagram
  6. Twitter (no specific business accounts)
  7. Remember, it's better to have an inactive company social media account than to not claim your account and have it be taken by someone else!
Pro Tip: One of our readers wrote in with a great website to check social media handle availability: Namechk.com. Type in your agency name and see which sites have that name available!
  1. Decide which travel agency website option is best for you: DIY or Hire a Developer. We walk you through the different options in our travel agency website article

A Special Treat—Promo Codes

Congrats, you've made it this far! As a special reward, here are a few promo codes that will come in handy when buying your travel agency name:

1. Domain Promo Codes

PS - These are affiliate links but if you've found the article helpful, buying through these links is a nice way to say thanks!

  1. NameCheap: Just follow our link for the $5.98/.com domain! No coupon necessary, prices will show up in cart.
  2. GoDaddy: Use this link to save on your domain ($9.99/domain)

2. Website Hosting Promo Codes

If you're thinking of hosting your own website (more on travel agency websites), don't forget you'll need a web host!

  1. GoDaddy: Use our link for $1/month hosting for your first year (price goes up to $7.99/month after that).
  2. BlueHost: A nice, middle-of-the-road host for those that who are looking for a little more support, a better customer portal, and a step up in the customer support. Follow the link for $3.95/mo hosting for the first year (price increases to $7.99/mo after that). 
  3. WP Engine: This is considered the white glove host for WordPress sites. If prompt and knowledgeable customer service, a user-friendly back end, and a fast website are important to you, use our link for three months free!

Your Friendly List of 154 Original Travel Agency Names

And here's what you've been waiting for... a complete list of 154 travel agency names that aren't in use. Or at least they weren't when we published this! :)

  1. AdventuraWays
  2. Blissful Boundaries
  3. Blissful Odyssey
  4. Celestial Expeditions
  5. Celestial Serenity
  6. Celestial Symphonies
  7. Dream Bound Voyages
  8. Dream Destiny Travel
  9. DreamScape Serenity
  10. Elysian Echo Escapes
  11. Elysian Echoes
  12. Elysian Empire Travels
  13. Elysium Odyssey
  14. Enchanted Elysium
  15. Eternal Wanderlust
  16. Explore Beyond
  17. Horizon Haven
  18. Horizon Heights
  19. Horizon Highlights
  20. Horizon Hues Holidays
  21. JourneyJoy Ventures
  22. Marvel Mile Travels
  23. Marvel Milestone
  24. Marvel Mystic Voyages
  25. Marvelous Miles
  26. Nomad Nature Treks
  27. Nomadically Yours
  28. Nomad Nirvana Travel
  29. Oasis Discoveries
  30. Oasis Odyssey
  31. Oasis Opal Voyages
  32. Oasis Overture
  33. Odyssey Echo Escapes
  34. Odyssey Empire Travels
  35. Odyssey Expeditions
  36. Odyssey Optimum
  37. Odyssey Orchards
  38. Odyssey Origins
  39. Odyssey Outlook
  40. Odyssey Opulence
  41. Odyssey Orchard
  42. Odyssey Pursuits
  43. Odyssey Rendezvous
  44. Odyssey Roaming
  45. Odyssey Sage
  46. Odyssey Seekers
  47. Odyssey Serendipity
  48. Odyssey Serenity
  49. Odyssey Sojourns
  50. Odyssey Symphony
  51. Odyssey Tracks
  52. Odyssey Tranquil
  53. Odyssey Travels
  54. Odyssey Venture
  55. Odyssey Wanderlust
  56. Odyssey Wonders
  57. Odyssey Zephyr
  58. Radiant Retreats
  59. Radiant Rhapsody
  60. Radiant Roaming
  61. Radiant Roamers
  62. Radiant Rover
  63. Roam Bliss Travel
  64. Roaming Renaissance
  65. Roaming Rhapsody
  66. Serene Getaways
  67. Serene Pathways
  68. Serene Serendipity
  69. Serene Sojourns
  70. Serenity Sage
  71. Sojourn Synergy
  72. TravelZen Haven
  73. Vagabond Voyage
  74. Viva Vista Ventures
  75. WanderLuxe Journeys
  76. Wander Nirvana
  77. Wanderwise Adventures
  78. Wanderlust Expeditions
  79. Wanderlust Odyssey
  80. Zenith Adventures
  81. Zenith Echoes
  82. Zenith Empire Travels
  83. Zenith Expeditions
  84. Zenith Journeys
  85. Zenith Odyssey
  86. Zenith Opal Voyages
  87. Zenith Optimum
  88. Zenith Orchards
  89. Zenith Origins
  90. Zenith Outlook
  91. Zenith Roaming
  92. Zenith Rendezvous
  93. Zenith Sage
  94. Zenith Seekers
  95. Zenith Serendipity
  96. Zenith Serenity
  97. Zenith Sojourns
  98. Zenith Symphony
  99. Zenith Tracks
  100. Zenith Tranquil
  101. Zenith Travels
  102. Zenith Venture
  103. Zenith Wanderlust
  104. Zenith Wonders

And here's 50 corporate travel agency names for those leaning towards booking corporate travel:

  1. Corporate Travel Solutions
  2. Business Voyages
  3. Executive Travel Partners
  4. ProBiz Travel Services
  5. Corporate Journeys
  6. Elite Business Travel
  7. Enterprise Expeditions
  8. Professional Pathways
  9. Executive GlobeTrek
  10. Corporate Odyssey
  11. Business Jetsetters
  12. Corporate Connects
  13. ProTravel Management
  14. Enterprise Explorers
  15. Executive Escapades
  16. Corporate Compass
  17. Business Nomads
  18. ProBiz Expeditions
  19. Corporate Travel Pros
  20. Enterprise Ventures
  21. Business Odyssey
  22. Professional Pathfinders
  23. Corporate Jetset
  24. Executive Escapes
  25. Business GlobeTrotters
  26. Corporate Pathways
  27. ProBiz Travel Group
  28. Enterprise Excursions
  29. Executive Destinations
  30. Business Navigator
  31. Corporate Trailblazers
  32. ProTravel Connections
  33. Corporate Odyssey
  34. Business Jetstream
  35. Executive Travel Allies
  36. Enterprise Explorations
  37. Corporate Compass
  38. ProBiz Voyager
  39. Business Journeys
  40. Professional Expeditions
  41. Executive GlobeTreks
  42. Corporate Connectors
  43. Business Travail
  44. Enterprise Expeditions
  45. ProTravel Vanguards
  46. Corporate Explorers
  47. Business Odyssey
  48. Professional Pathways
  49. Corporate Jetlines
  50. Executive Express

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