Training Opportunities Abound for Nexion Agents in 2013

April 1, 2013

Nexion announced it is expanding its training opportunities for agents in 2013. This year, Nexion will again offer hundreds of live and recorded Webinars for its agents in a variety of areas, but is expanding the curriculum to include several new courses in customer service, consultative selling, utilizing service fees, social networking, and public relations. Nexion will also add to its slate of trainings on how to best utilize Nexion tools and technology to help agents increase their bookings and revenue, and will continue to offer its weekly Nexion Fundamentals course.

Jackie Friedman, President of Nexion Travel Group

“Nexion prides itself on providing some of the best training in the industry. Our agents are thirsty for knowledge as they work diligently to grow their business. We believe that by further expanding the many training opportunities already available to our agents, we can help them be more successful,” said Nexion President Jackie Friedman, CTC, CTIE. “We have invested in creating new training initiatives to accompany our already impressive lineup of offerings and we will continue to encourage our agents to take advantage of these valuable opportunities as part of our Nexion Generation.”

Successful Agent Panels & Nexion Spotlight

New in 2013, Nexion will feature virtual panel discussions with successful agents, which will allow others within the organization to ask questions of their fellow agents and to encourage sharing of best practices. Another addition to the 2013 training lineup is the Nexion Spotlight – which is a monthly niche or destination-specific supplier training opportunity allowing agents to hone in on their primary areas of interest by learning from multiple suppliers in a single session.

Nexion Boot Camps 2013

In addition to the multitude of webinars and recorded trainings, Nexion will once again hold its intensive two-and-a-half day educational Boot Camp training programs.

Nexion Boot Camp 2013

Registration is open and space is limited for the first of three Boot Camps in 2013 to be held February 5-7, at Noah’s – an event center in Irving, TX. The spring and fall Boot Camp dates are May 7-9, and November 12-14. While Boot Camp caters to new agents learning the fundamentals of becoming a Nexion member, it can also serve as a refresher course for experienced agents. The face-to-face courses teach agents how they can maximize their earnings and become a more successful travel agent professional through Nexion’s travel, sales, and marketing education. Agents can register for Boot Camp by going to

Agent Essentials Program

Coming off a successful first year in 2012, Nexion is offering three Agent Essentials training opportunities this year. The five-day personalized training sessions are tactical “how-to” classes on using Nexion’s full array of products, tools, and services available to research and book travel. Agents will learn first-hand the basics of selling cruise, tour, air, car, hotel, and insurance products. The course also offers tips on how to manage a small business, including organizing and marketing a travel agency and satisfying clients’ needs from the initial booking to post-trip follow-up. The 2013 dates are: April 8-12, July 15-19, and September 9-13. Agent Essentials is held at Nexion’s headquarters in Irving, TX, where agents will have the opportunity to learn in a small group setting with Nexion staff at their side. For more information or to sign up for Agent Essentials, agents can visit

Nexion agent essentials logo

“Nexion provided me a mentor, a large selection of online courses, and an in-person Agent Essentials course to help me ramp-up and accelerate the growth of my business. I found Agent Essentials especially valuable given that I’m a newer Nexion agent,” said Nexion agent Byron Garvey of Castle Hills Travel in Dallas, TX. “Because of its hands-on, small-group nature, it was an effective way to learn. We could easily ask questions and have experts there to provide the answers or show us individually how to do something on our laptops. Agent Essentials definitely helped me learn how to quickly do research and book trips for my clients, and I would highly recommend this training for any new travel agent or anyone new to Nexion.”

Join Nexion

All of Nexion’s hundreds of training opportunities are easily accessible in Nexion University directly from Nexion’s Webview Intranet portal. All other agents interested in learning how to succeed as a professional business owner, backed by Nexion’s many great benefits, are encouraged to join the Nexion Generation. Call 800-747-6813 or email