Exploring the Latest Trends in Travel

June 13, 2023

The travel industry continues to display remarkable resilience, demonstrating a robust demand despite economic headwinds. We'd like to keep you ahead of the curve with a snapshot of the current market trends we've been observing.

Current Market Trends

Strong Travel Demand

Despite recessionary fears and the influence of inflation, the overall appetite for travel remains healthy and strong. Consumer confidence in travel continues to surge, fueled by the desire for new experiences and reconnection with the world.

Surge in Cruise Bookings

After an extended shutdown, the cruise industry is witnessing a dramatic comeback, riding on pent-up demand and heightened airfares to international destinations. The ocean's (and river’s) call is hard to resist, and many travelers are choosing cruises for their next adventure. River cruise demand is especially high.

Resilient Tour & Resort Demand

Tours and resorts remain in high demand, with travelers largely unfazed by increasing prices. The draw of all-inclusive vacations and the convenience of organized tours continue to keep these sectors buoyant, but overall, tour demand is giving way to cruise bookings as the sectors begin to rebalance.

Theme Park Demand Softening

After record-breaking years, demand for theme parks is showing signs of slowing. However, operators are responding proactively, launching price promotions to attract visitors and stabilize their markets.

Luxury Travel Opportunities

Luxury travel continues to shine as a sector with massive upside potential. As travelers seek more personalized, high-end experiences, we see luxury hotels, tours, river cruises, and more upscale, intimate ocean cruises likely to remain in the spotlight.

To navigate these trends and stay ahead, it’s vital to address your key business systems. Seek to work on at least one of the five areas as a focus in the coming month. The coming months bring exciting opportunities to grow, adapt, and improve your business performance to reach your goals. Have fun with it!

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Jason Block

by Jason Block is CEO of Travel Quest Network/WorldVia.

Jason Block, CEO of Travel Quest Network/WorldVia, is a lifelong travel addict and entrepreneur. Drawing on his diverse experiences as a banking consultant, restauranteur, and public company executive, Jason has been the CEO of WorldVia since he founded the company in 2014. Jason and his wife Jillian reside in Milton, Georgia with their three daughters.