How to Ask For Customer Reviews!

March 15, 2023

It can feel smarmy, salesy, and self-serving to ask a client for a review, even though you know that REVIEWS are one of the most powerful ways for new clients to find and trust you. And you’re right, if not done correctly or not at all, a review can net you ZERO.

So, let's break this down into easy-to-mimicc steps.

First, we need to develop some foundational truths to help you get past assumptions

  1. This is NOT about you!
  2. People WANT to help you succeed
  3. People BELIEVE what they read

This is NOT about you.

This is about the business that you are building and the prospective clients that are waiting on you to connect with them. And more importantly if correctly asked, your client will feel honored that you reached out to them.

People WANT to help you succeed.

People want to help others succeed it is innate in our DNA to be part of someone’s success story. By asking for a review are giving them the opportunity to be part of your success story!

People BELIEVE what they read.

Let's face it we know (and you probably do it yourself) that folks rely heavily on online reviews in making purchasing decisions. If you are looking to make a big purchase, and aren’t quite sure if you’re making the right decision a glowing online review certainly goes a long way in making you feel more confident.

If an item only has three reviews, and even if those three reviews are five-star, we question the validity. It’s important to have lots of reviews!

OK, now that we know the foundational truths let's get down to a couple of tactics.

  1. Tell them WHY
  2. Tell them HOW
  3. Tell them WHERE
  4. Ask OFTEN!

Tell them WHY.

When asking for a review, be humble, appreciative, and share WHY their review will make a difference.

Phrases like “It would mean the world to me…” “If you have a free moment, I would appreciate a quick review of our services…” “If you wouldn’t mind a quick and honest review of our services, helps others feel confident in choosing us”

Tell them HOW.

Simply asking for a review may not get you the result you are looking for. Help your client craft an effective review by asking them to think about these three things.

How did our services solve a challenge or problem?

What surprised you the most about utilizing our travel services?

If someone were to ask WHY you called us, what would you say?

Tell them WHERE.

Make it super easy to post their review. HINT: Google reviews are the most powerful reviews for many reasons. Make sure you have a Google Business Listing, again, for so many reasons! When asking for the review, make sure to include a link (google provides it for you).

If it’s a review to be used on your website, e-newsletter, or just making sure your instructions are clear and EASY.


When is the right time to ask for a review? OFTEN! Many advisors ask right after a successful trip and that is a GREAT time to ask. However, if they don’t provide a review right afterward (lots of laundry to catch up on after a vacay) there is no reason not to ask later. You can also ask for a review by simply calling your client – not everything in life has to be in an email.

The key is understanding that just because they haven’t left a review, doesn’t mean they wouldn’t hire or recommend you again. People are busy… this isn’t about you!

So, as you can see, asking for a review isn’t as hard as you think and will help others decide to hire you as their travel advisor!