The Top Ten Articles of 2015---Happy Chinese New Year!

February 12, 2016
Host Agency Reviews Top Ten Articles of 2015

Happy (belated) Chinese New Year, everyone! I wish I give you all red envelopes, dear readers, but instead allow me to express my undying appreciation to you by recapping some of Host Agency Review's greatest hits of 2015!

Celebrating Chinese New Year

So adieu to the year of the goat, and welcome the year of the monkey! I geeked out on analytics to bring you a few of the gems from 2015 according to the Chinese lunar calendar1.

The readers have spoken! Analytics don't lie! Drumroll, Please!

10. What Is a Host Agency?

What is a host agency?

9. What is a CLIA Number?

What is a CLIA card?

8. A Travel Agent Career—No, It's Not an Oxymoron

travel agent career

7. Explaining Travel Agent Commissions

Explaining Travel Agent Commissions

6. Do You Need A Travel Agent License?

State and Province Seller of Travel Laws

5. Travel Agency Certification—What Are Your Options?

Travel Agent Certification

4. 6 Easy Tips for Choosing Travel Agency Names

Choosing travel agency names

3. How Do Travel Agents Make Money?

How Do Travel Agents Make Money?

2. How Much Do Travel Agents Make? | Travel Agent Salary

How Much Do Travel Agents Make? A Travel Agent Salary

1. Starting a Travel Agency from Home—A Quick Guide

starting travel agency from home

There you have it—the oldies but goodies. Did we miss any gems? Do you want to chat about your Chinese Zodiac animal? Let me know in the comment section below!

Thank you, readers for making 2015 a dynamic year and for sticking with me through the ups and downs of my health debacle. I promise there are more great things to come in the year of the year of monkey!


  1. Which, as it turns out, yielded the same results as the Western Gregorian calendar, in case you were wondering!
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