Top 5 LGBTQ Travel Blogs Every Travel Agent Should Follow (2019)

June 7, 2019

Last year, we started a tradition of picking LGBTQ blogs to help travel agents build queer-friendly itineraries, understand specific safety issues that LGBTQ travelers face, and provide clients with a wealth of recommendations for gay+ and straight clients alike.

Instead of culling through blogs myself, for this year, I thought I'd see what readers had to say about LGBTQ blogs out there. Of course it will come as no surprise that they had really great insights on how these fabulous LGBTQ travel blogs make great resources for travel agents.

These are some amazing blogs, y'all. Give them a look. Whether your clients identify as LGBTQ or not, you will find some amazing recommendations for your clients whether they're cruising, glamping, luxury-resorting, or road-tripping. Not only will you have fun reading them, but you'll be giving your trip itineraries an added edge with expert recommendations (whether you've visited the destination or not).

Before you read: Will you nominate an LGBTQ+ blog for 2020? We sure would love your input!

5 LGBTQ Travel Blogs Every Travel Agent Should Follow

There was no way I could rank these blogs! So I'm just listing them in alphabetical order:

1. Couple of MEN

A Couple of Men LGBTQ Travel Blog

Okay, I'm just going to say it. Karl and Daan are freaking adorable. Their blog is 10,000% pro with gorgeous images and insightful content including: an interactive worldwide map that links to blogs with travel tips to specific regions; news (with tips, lists and a wealth of LGBTQ+ resources); different travel recommendations categories by niche/ activities (including LGBTQ sport events, ski trips, Christmas markets, cruises and more); thoughtful reviews of gay friendly hotels, theme parks, activities and even (waaaait for it . . . ) escape rooms. That's right, if you try to put LGBTQ people back in a closet, you can BET they will find their way out.

Yes. Escape rooms. If their blog doesn't make your and your clients experience joy and serious wanderlust, then I can't help you.

The blog was nominated by Marcus Krause . . . and here's what Marcus had to say:

Gay travel source for gay couples especially in German and English speaking countries. Supporting LGBTQ+ and gay pride festivals (winter and summer) and highlighting luxurious hotels and accommodations, flights, adventurous activities, and romantic hideaways. Actually, their storytelling is about the whole trip not only one segment, which gives partners the opportunity to embed their products and services as a pillar of the whole story. Considered to be one of the best (or the best) German Gay Travel Blogs on the market. Great effort in photography, social posting with high engagement and trustworthy (IGLTA member, worked with big brands on the market, highly active for over 2.5 years now). Fun to see how they openly share their inspiring and cute love wherever they travel.

2. The Gay GlobeTrotter

The Gay Globetrotter, LGBTQ Travel Blog 2019

This is the part where I reveal myself as a TOTAL sucker for travel blogs with recipes! I mean, what client doesn't want a recipe for Korean fried chicken or Kenelbullar (Swedish cinnamon rolls) to help them anticipate or get nostalgic about their travels? But I digress. Bailey Mills' blog is NOT focused on food. It's focused on travel. The blog includes a wealth of resources that with blog posts that conveniently organized into lists of sites to see and activities to try in different destinations. Bailey also offers a ton of helpful travel tips like packing lists and advice for first-time cruises.

Bailey's blog was nominated by Kevin Wallace who had this to say:

The blogs name says it all! I originally spent 6 months reading different blogs to plan a trip for me and my boyfriend. It wasn’t till I read his article about Thailand, that we felt informed and comfortable enough to start planning out the trip! Since then, we were able to find flights to work with, bags for our travels, and even suggest the blog to friends in the LGBT+ community! The writing style, informative yet not condescending tone, and thoroughly researched articles all make the blog something I feel deserves the nomination.

3. Out With Ryan

Out With Ryan LGBTQ Travel Blog 2019

Once you go to Ryan's blog, you'll feel you're besties. One of my favorite things (besides content) about Ryan's blog is his voice! Once you start reading it, you will probably start to binge (so consider yourself warned, okay?!). Ryan in particular seems to have a wealth of advice for LGBTQ+ travel to Canada (his motherland), so go give it a look and dig in!

Ryan's blog was nominated by Andrei Dumitrache, who had this to say:

I love Ryan from Out With Ryan because he's one of the most innovative and positive Gay travel bloggers out there. He's a positive voice for the LGBTQ community across the world and really showcases true colours wherever he goes, including countries that aren't as gay-friendly.

He currently teaches many people, including travel agents, the difficulties he faces when traveling to certain destinations as a gay man but also exercises safety tips and resources for the community. When Ryan reviews a resort or his itinerary of places he goes, it really helped me plan my trip and how to book and with what companies to book.

In terms of travel agent niche, we really focus on LGBTQ Travel and romance, while showcasing millennial travelling. Ryan is more unique in my opinion than most gay travel bloggers because of how he engages with his community, how he showcases the colours around the world, and has truly inspired me and I'm sure others to travel to more places outside my country.

4. Queer in the world

Queer in the World LGBTQ Blog 2019

Let me just say that this blog has so many resources that it's bonkers. Queer in the World cover global destinations like nobody's business, from UAE, to Brunei, to the Dominican Republic. Want a gay map of Abu Dhabi? They have it. Want a list of gay or gay-friendly hotels in Bucharest? It's done. Do you want honest reviews of traveling in countries with law that are hostile toward the LGBTQ community? They won't mince their words. Queer in the World covers a heckuva lot of ground, so before you LGBTQ client goes anywhere on vacation, may sure you pay a visit to this site. Trust me, your client will thank you.

Oh and PS, Queer in World had a blog of its 15 favorite lesbian films and I'd seen less than half of them! If you need me, you'll find me glued to my Netflix account for the next week, okay?

And I have to thank Jack Samson for nominating this blog! Here's what Jack had to say about Queer in the World:

A concise list of gay clubs, social groups, dance events, pride activities and a general summary of the LGBT politics of a city and country. Travel agents can use to quickly get an idea of how 'gay' a city is before recommending, or to find niche gay activities, hotels, etc to recommend an already chosen city.

under LGBTQ Travel / Leisure travel, what draws me to this blog as they seem to list almost everything - and even had places I had never heard of in my own city!

5. Vagabroads

Vagabroads LGBTQ Travel Blog 2019

Okay, so I couldn't post this blog without giving my two cents. Vagabroads is nominated by YOURS TRULY. Was it easy to pick just one? Heck no. There are soooooooo many great LGBTQ+ travel blogs, but this one struck me as a particularly great tool for travel agents.

Sunny Eaton and Karin Balsley are the masterminds behind Vagabroad. There are many, many things I love about this blog. One of them being their inspiration behind it. Much like many of you readers, Sunny and Karin took a huge risk to turn their lives upside-down and inside-out, ditching their lucrative professional careers to travel. Here's what they have to say on the matter:

A couple of years ago, the universe threw us a series of obstacles that, overnight, completely changed our lives. A difficult year followed that reminded us of the preciousness and uncertainty of each day. We began evaluating (usually over wine) what was important for our lives and what would make each of us happy.

Late night conversations spawned questions like: If we had six months to live, how would we want to spend that time? What would we regret not doing? What are we each proud of? What are we each capable of doing? What were we doing on our happiest days? What would we be willing to give up to have more of those days? What kind of people do we want to be? As a couple and as individuals, what do we really WANT?

What's not to love, right? But beside this, the other things I love about Sunny and Karin's blog is that it focuses on Central American travel. They offer food recommendations from camp food (which includes an avocado margarita which is how I know they are my people), to street food to fine dining. They offer resources about crossing borders with your pet (um, yes please), cell service by country, important safety tips for LGBTQ+ travelers, and (most importantly) a worldwide guide to the best lesbian bars.

They take a deep (and thoughtful) dive into Central American travel and beyond, so if you have ANY clients going yonder, this blog is for you.

We Seriously Want to Hear from You:

Fantastic new LGBTQ travel blogs are popping up all the time!!!! I want to know which are some of your favorites! Tell me tell me tell me. It will only take a minute or two, so nominate and share the love so your LGBTQ travel blog of preference can be featured for next PRIDE!!! Heck, you're already here so you may as well.

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