MTravel Unveils 2018 “Rise Above” Conference Destination


Are you ready for Hotlanta? Coming off their largest Annual Educational Conference to date, top 5 host agency MTravel has unveiled Atlanta, Georgia as its 2018 “Rise Above” conference destination. Taking place October 18–22, 2018, this will be MTravel’s first foray into the area known for its nightlife, soul food and southern hospitality.

Why Georgia? After spending their 2015, 2016 and 2017 conferences out of the country, a return to the US of A was inspired by the profit potential in domestic travel.

“It’s easy to conceive of international trips as always being the big ticket items,” said MTravel President, Andi Mysza. “Yet domestic travel, with shorter travel times, affordable airfare and visa-free transport can often free up budgets to include more luxurious and unusual experiences that boost your bottom line.” Hosted by Delta Airlines, attendees at MTravel’s 2018 conference will be treated to a behind-the-scenes tour of ATL, one of the busiest hubs in the world, as well as a trip to the famous Delta Flight Museum to experience the only Boeing 737 flight simulator in the United States.


“Rise Above” The city of Atlanta also influenced the conference theme of “Rise Above,” centered on developing grit as a travel professional.

“Atlanta has a historical connection to the phoenix—a mythical bird who rises above the ashes of seeming destruction,” said Mysza.” “Like the city, travel professionals have risen above their competition and consumer misconceptions to prove their value again and again. The conference will reflect that spirit and drive it forward.”

An All Agent-Driven Agenda in the Works MTravel has made a name for allowing its conference agendas to be shaped by the interests of the attendees themselves, rather than just the host agency. This year, however, every MTravel partner has a voice.

“In years prior, only agents registered for the conference were offered an opportunity to provide detailed feedback on what they wanted to see on the event’s agenda,” explained Mysza. “This year, we’ve opened the survey up to our entire base of about 500 independent travel professionals. Expanding our scope safeguards conference content from getting stale and pushes us to dig into the broader, more complex topics our agents are facing today.”

Never-Before-Offered Pre-Conference Sessions With Jump Start Live! Also new to the 2018 conference unveiling is the optional pre-conference event, MTravel’s popular Jump Start LIVE! professional development bootcamp.

Never offered as part of a conference agenda, the event “jump starts” new agents’ businesses with immersive workshops on the fundamentals of running a travel business, including agency branding, top booking techniques, accounting best practices and much more. “The Jump Start Live offerings will get newer travel agents primed and ready for more advanced core conference topics,” said Debbie Herroz, who leads MTravel’s business development and sales support team. “They’ll be equipped with tools, nomenclature and new friends to put them at ease with suppliers and their experienced peers—making for a smoother conference experience overall.” Registration Opening December 2017 Registration for the conference and exciting new location will be open to any MTravel partner starting December 2017. For more information, reach out to the MTravel family at here or call 800-870-5799 to learn more! >>> Read Montrose Travel's Reviews Here!!!