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July 6, 2017

Test Drive Travel Quest, live and in-person at Travel Quest National Meeting 2017 (#TQNM17)

For the 3rd year in a row, Travel Quest is opening our National Meeting (#TQNM17) to prospective agents. Agents who are currently with a host, maybe looking for an alternative to their current host agency, or people just interested in becoming a travel professional and want to take a peek into our world. Either way, #TQNM17 is the perfect opportunity to learn about us or learn about the travel industry.

A Recap of 2016 Travel Quest National Meeting

  1. Networking Opportunities - Networking with other agents throughout the day. Learn from your peers and then share with your peers at Travel Quest. Learning is always a two way street, giving knowledge, taking knowledge. At our Friday evening cocktail party, and our Saturday evening dinner event vendors will be on hand for that face to face, personal networking that is truly priceless in our business.

  1. Education Classes - Vendor classes fill Saturday from beginning to end. Whether you are looking for vendor updates on their products, booking tips, brochure ordering or agent incentives, vendors will have all the latest information in their classes, in our round tables and at our trade show.

Bonnie Lee Invites You to #TQNM17

FAQ’s for #TQNM17 - What can I expect from #TQNM17

Travel Quest National Meeting

1. Experienced Agent vs. Newer Agent Learning Tracks is this an opportunity? Absolutely. On Sunday we have a full beginner track as well as an experienced agent track, with the opportunity to “travel” between both. Maybe you are a beginner in marketing, but experienced in booking. No worries, you have the opportunity to move between the classes.

Travel Quest National Meeting

2. Can I learn about building my business AND vendor knowledge at #TQNM17? Saturday is all about vendors. You can expect to learn the latest product updates to brochure ordering and everything in between. Not all vendors have classes, but you will be able to “experience” each via the round tables, and again at the trade show. Then Sunday is about your business and you. Whether it’s marketing, groups, branding or booking, Sunday will more than likely have plenty of learning opportunities for you.

3. How much experience do I have to have to attend? Our event is open to individuals with any level of experience. Let’s face it, there hasn’t been a TV show or series about life in a travel agency, so where is a person to learn about this great career if not there? Attending our meeting is the perfect way to check out not only TQ but to see first hand the life of a travel professional!

4. Is there a cost for “prospective agents to attend #TQNM17? Yes the cost to attend is $200/prospect attending our event (there is no cost for Travel Quest agents). The cost includes: Friday evening cocktail event, all of Saturday’s events from meals to training to snack to our Saturday evening festivities and Sunday breakfast, lunch and training. We do have a promotional discount code through www.hostagencyreviews.com that will save you $25! Promo Code: ExploreTQ 

Travel Quest National Meeting

5. As a prospective agent attending #TQNM17 am I eligible to win prizes? No unfortunately only current TQ agents attending are eligible to win prizes. Last year our prizes totaled over $40,000 in value! 

6. If I do decide to join TQ after #TQNM17 what will my start up fee be? If you join TQ by 9/29/17 TQ will waive your $199 start up fee! Our meeting is the perfect way to give us a “test drive” and see if you like what you experience.

7. Does Travel Quest limit the number of prospects who can attend #TQNM17? Yes we limit the number of prospects

8. Can I bring a friend? No. #TQNM17 is only open to individuals who are or are interested in travel as a profession. Our vendors love the fact that our meeting is professionals only.

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2017 Travel Quest National Meeting, September 8-10th

Sheraton Bloomington - 5601 W 78th Street Minneapolis, MN 55489

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