Four Questions to Ask Before Picking a Host Agency

June 21, 2022

How do you cut through the noise and find the host agency that will elevate and support your unique business? Here are four questions you need to be asking.

It’s no secret that using a host agency can elevate your business, while making your life easier. Ongoing support, industry connections, insider knowledge, and access to networking events are just some of the resources that can be provided. But how do you cut through the noise, and find the support that’s right for you? It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach, so here are the questions you need to ask to find the host agency that’s right for you:

Can the host agency’s technology keep up?

In today’s industry, technology is key. The host agency you pick needs to have a system that seamlessly supports its users by simplifying the tedious tasks, and alleviating stress. Our ADX booking platform is not just free and easy to use, it’s truly the best in the industry. The powerful technology boasts features like automated invoicing that eliminates hours of administrative work, all while helping you connect with your clients, and focus on what matters most.

Does the host agency create a sense of community?

In this industry, connections are everything. Travel Edge believes in personalized, day-to-day support from managers and directors who are experts across vertices like cruise, air, tour, and hotel. Plus, with support through social media, and in-person events, you’ll find opportunities to meaningfully engage with other industry professionals, who truly care.

Will the host agency make your business stronger?

The right host agency won’t just support your business, it will elevate it. Travel Edge’s dedicated business support includes one-to-one consultations, and 24/7 air support for you, and your clients. Strong partnerships with luxury suppliers mean you receive exclusive amenities and industry-leading commissions in air, hotel, and cruise. Plus, marketing support including personalized marketing sent directly to your clients, access to our in-house creative studio, and social toolkits can take your brand to the next level.

Does the host agency invest in your knowledge?

Your host agency should empower you to grow, alongside your business. Ample training, meaningful mentorship, access to conferences, and FAM trips, provide opportunity to understand and experience the product firsthand, while enhancing industry knowledge. Recently, the Travel Edge Network team took a group of advisors to Rwanda, officially launching the educational and experience-first FAM trips. This coupled with Limitless events, direct access to exclusive industry opportunities, and over 100 hours of certification training, both in-person and online, will help build your profile, and support your brand.