What Do Travel Agents Do?
What Do Travel Agents Do? (And How Do They Do It?)
What do travel agents do? HAR walks you through what booking a trip like a travel agent looks like, including video tutorials from experienced agency-owners!
Planning & Pitching Travel Itineraries: Here's How to Do It
Best Travel Itinerary Builders for Advisors [+Comparison Chart]
What's the alternative to travel itinerary templates? Itinerary builders. Read up on differences with tips & a comparison chart to pick the right one for you.
Travel Agent Forum Las Vegas
Las Vegas Travel Agent Forum 2019: #HARlive Highlights
Couldn't make it to the Las Vegas Travel Agent Forum? Don't worry! HAR will take you there with panel updates. Read up on all the juicy travel agent tips!
Travel Agency Websites: What are Your Options and the Pros and Cons?
Discover different types of travel agency websites, costs, technical expertise needed and what other agents like/dislike about the website programs they use.
What is New Distribution Capability? An NDC Primer for Travel Agents
New Distribution Capability (NDC) is more complicated to understand than a MENSA exam. But we look on how it stands to streamline the agent booking process.
A GDS Primer: What is the GDS and Which Travel Agents Need It?
HAR breaks down the in and outs of the global distribution system (GDS): What is it, who needs it, and how can travel agents book without it?