Start And Grow Your Business With Avoya’s Expanding Programs

Getting started in the travel industry can be an exciting, but overwhelming, process. One of the most crucial decisions to make when first establishing your business is which host or franchise network aligns best with your business and whether they offer the support and benefits you’re looking for.

When considering joining a network, it’s important to look at the resources they provide to help get you up-and-running, and their additional offerings that help you discover limitless growth and earning potential. Some may lack these resources entirely, some may provide greater support in one area over the other, and others, like Avoya Travel, provide excellent resources for all stages.

In fact, Avoya is so committed to helping travel professionals find success and constantly innovating to help them achieve that success, that we’ve recently expanded our new-to-travel and professional development education programs.

Take Flight

Always looking for new opportunities to provide higher quality education to Independent Agencies in the Avoya Travel Network™, Avoya partnered with Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) to provide high caliber education for the growing number of new-to-travel professionals entering the industry and joining Avoya. Through this first-of-its-kind partnership, new-to-travel professionals affiliating with the Avoya Network can join CLIA with Avoya’s member rate and take a series of CLIA courses prior to affiliation. With education in selling skills, customer service, cruising, geography, and more, the CLIA courses are all designed to give new-to-travel Independent Agencies the knowledge and foundation needed to achieve early success, begin claiming more Avoya Live Leads™ (new customers sent directly to Independent Agencies) sooner, and book more exceptional vacations.

In addition to receiving the education needed to start a travel business, this partnership gives agents affiliating with the Avoya Network the opportunity to receive their CLIA membership at a discounted rate, to earn CLIA certifications, and more additional CLIA perks. Our recent partnership with CLIA, in conjunction with the education Avoya offers and access to Live Leads, has allowed entrepreneurs new to the industry to hit the ground running – booking more exceptional vacations and achieving early success. Although this is a new program, average commissions earned in the first sixty days for new-to-travel professionals joining the Avoya Network in 2018 is already outpacing that of new-to-travel Independent Agencies who joined the network in 2017.

Reach New Heights

Due to popular demand, we also recently expanded our Avoya Mastermind Academy program to provide Independent Agencies in the Avoya Network with more tailored education and support based on sales and industry experience. New courses and more dates than ever before are being offered in 2018 as Avoya increases its investment in helping Independent Agencies grow their business success to record levels.

The Academy program is an extension of the award-winning Avoya Mastermind Program™, which is an exciting, fun, very valuable, and optional resource offered exclusively to Independent Agencies in the Avoya Network looking to improve their overall success and profitability, and includes peer-to-peer think tank, one-to-one strategies, sales best practices, business foundations, role playing, business coaching, and more. The expansion of the Academy program includes three levels, each designed to maximize an Independent Agency’s success based on their individual business through results-driven professional and personal development education. Content for these events ranges from best practices, mentoring, and coaching tailored for new-to-travel Independent Agencies to help increase early success, to building basic sales foundations, to more advanced content for experienced professionals that focuses on suggested strategies for continuing individual growth and business expansion.

So, whether you’re just starting out in the travel industry, you have plenty of experience, or you’re somewhere in between, Avoya can help you on your path to success. To learn more about the resources Avoya provides, including Live Leads, unmatched support, patented technology, and more, and how to affiliate your independent business with the Avoya Network, call 855-875-5861 or visit today.