Outside Agent Link Waives Renewal Fees for 2020

June 18, 2020

Outside Agent Link is a boutique host agency dedicated to supporting our travel advisors during these unprecedented times. Our host agency division operates differently than others because we only charge a low annual fee to be a travel advisor with us. The management staff made the decision to WAIVE THIS FEE FOR 2020! Our goal is for travel advisors to concentrate on being poised to sell travel again and not to worry about paying their yearly fee.

Being a boutique, family owned and operated host agency allows us to make this decision and act on it quickly.

We became a host travel agency to earn money together, as a team, instead of charging monthly fees to cover our operating costs. Another difference with OAL is we do not impose selling quotas or expect our advisors to recruit additional advisors. We work with them to sell as much travel as they choose. Outside Agent Link is a premier host travel agency and we are proud that we have advisors who have been members of our travel family for more than 20 years.

Outside Agents Link Cheers

Cheers from Outside Agent Link