The Importance of Connections

June 25, 2020

Passion for the travel industry and the people who are lucky to make their career of it has helped all of us get through these difficult times. Now, more than ever, our industry is coming together as a community and collaborating to find ways to adjust to this new normal.

The good news is that surveys are showing that savvy travelers are booking vacations or definitely anticipating and planning for their next vacation.

The not-so-good news, but one that can be easily remedied with a little effort, is that we’re seeing a gap in that consumers are more ready to book travel than advisors think they are. Now’s the best time to get ahead of the gap by tapping into all your connections.

These connections start with your customers, as they are your greatest asset. Are you checking in regularly to get their gauge on how they’re feeling about travel? Are you doing one-on-one marketing with each one and asking open-ended questions? If you’re hesitant about marketing various travel promotions and believe your client may not be ready to think about traveling again, a good way is to ask in a conversation. Call them and say, “I’m just checking in, as I’m seeing optimistic customers who are wanting to have future travel conversations. So, when you’re ready, I’d love to have with you.” Don’t assume all your customer connections will feel the same one – there is no one size fits all.

In addition to reaching out individually, are you taking advantage of your host agency’s and/or consortia’s social media tools to engage with clients and get them dreaming about travel when they are ready? Are you monitoring responses and engagement from those connections?

Connections with colleagues are also important, whether it’s through your partnership with your host agency, local networking groups and industry social sites, peer mentorship or even through industry organizations such as ASTA and the connections you have your supplier partners and their representatives.

Just a few examples of connection resources available through a host agency, Nexion Travel Group offers its member advisors a variety of ways to stay connected with each other, including through its exclusive online community, NexionTown, as well as Networks, which provides local advisor communities an opportunity to network with each other and with Nexion supplier partners in person or virtually. Nexion’s mentoring and coaching programs help members to capitalize on peer and staff talents and skillsets.

Whether it’s connections with your customers or your colleagues, through all your conversations, ensure everything you do reflects the persona you want to put out there. Reminding yourself of why you got into the travel industry in the first place and your passion not only for travel but your love of helping people will help to paint that picture among all your connections. And the connections that you create and nurture through your passion, persona and value as a travel advisor are truly powerful.

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