Nexion Travel Group Extends Marketing and Educational Events for Members Seeking to Enhance Their Luxury Travel Business

December 13, 2018

Nexion Travel Group is answering its members’ requests for more luxury travel education and resources with a magazine edition focused on luxury travel and two events designed for advisors at different stages of their luxury journey. 

As part of its Business-to-Consumer integrated marketing solutions available to all Nexion Travel Group members, the third edition of Escape magazine featured luxury travel. Sent to 20,000+ consumers, the printed magazine is personalized with a message from the Nexion travel advisor and includes the agency contact information as call to action. 

Nexion Travel Group leverages the marketing science firm Cohorts to hand select the customers from our members’ database who have the economic means to take a luxury vacation and who fall within the right demographic for booking luxury vacations. This targeting increases the likelihood of conversion to booking over 40 percent. Escape is exclusive to members of Nexion Travel Group and included with membership for members who opt in to participate.

Nexion's luxury themed magazine

Plus, each edition of Escape includes digital campaign components, such as digital e-book, themed banner ads, emails, social media posts and blogs, to complement the printed piece. We also offer participating members an e-toolkit with a marketing campaign calendar, member video tutorial, talking points and more.

“Participating in these mailings is the best way to keep my name and agency in front of my clients. They don’t always contact me for a specific offer, but it reminds them that I am always here working on their behalf,” says Nexion Travel Group member Becky Jones. “I did get a call from one client who received the magazine and shared with a friend, who booked an Alaska cruise. So satisfied customers and now a new customer!”

Nexion luxury event at Pelican Sand Beach & Resorts
TC Phelps, Business Development & Education Manager and Faith Kuczaj, Director of Industry Relations for Nexion Travel Group

Says Nexion Travel Group member Carol Rowland, “My friends and clients have been so impressed by the Escape magazine. They are amazed that I have such a professional piece associated with my agency. I don't know if they think I went down to the publishing office and did this myself or what, but I have gotten so many highly favorable compliments from friends at meeting and parties, and of course they mention this in front of other people not on my list, so it expands awareness for me.” 

In addition to offering its members luxurious marketing, Nexion Travel Group recently held educational events in the luxury travel arena. The Gold Magellan-winning Luxury Travel Sales Summit is by invitation-only to top sellers, and the Leap into Luxury Travel Forum answers the need for a rigorous course for members who want to increase their luxury sales.

Nexion luxury graduates
Congratulations to our very first Leap into Luxury Travel Forum Graduates

The Luxury Travel Sales Summit convened in Nashville Nov. 2-4, and the Leap into Luxury Travel Forum took place Nov. 10-12 in Ft. Lauderdale.

Nexion Travel Group’s top luxury sellers were invited to deepen their luxury travel knowledge and learn new techniques to sell this highly profitable type of travel at the Luxury Travel Sales Summit. Attendees toured top hotels in Nashville for onsite inspections, participated in supplier product presentations and met one-on-one with suppliers. They also gained new ideas through several keynote speakers, and Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Jordan Reynolds entertained attendees with a private concert.  

“I was thrilled to be invited to this event,” said Nexion Travel Group member Kimberlee Evans. “Luxury is my specialization and being able to deepen connections with luxury travel suppliers and my fellow luxury travel advisors translates into a stronger business. Nexion Travel Group custom-crafted this content based on the attendees’ needs and desires, so everything was incredibly relevant. The Luxury Travel Sales Summit’s educational activities helped all of the travel advisors there become stronger advocates for our luxury clients.”

Nexion Luxury event
Luxury Travel Group Sales Summit members at the Thompson Nashville hotel inspection

This year was the first time Nexion Travel Group offered the Leap into Luxury Travel Forum. Designed for the travel advisor newer to luxury travel, this forum focused on basics, best practices and how to best use Nexion Travel Group’s tools to build a luxury travel practice. Attendees were introduced to upper premium/luxury suppliers for learning and networking and heard from experts on a variety of business topics.

“Selling luxury travel is an idea that is very appealing to me,” said Nexion Travel Group member Beverly Olds. “It is a growing area of the travel world, and I attended the forum to come away with actionable ideas that I can use immediately. I am so excited to continue developing my skills as a luxury travel specialist and am grateful to Nexion Travel Group for supporting beginners’ desire to learn about this area of travel.”

Nexion luxury event
Seaborne Gift Drawings Winner—Congrats to Brandee Horton Martin!

“Luxury travel continues to grow and provides many opportunities for the skilled luxury travel advisor,” said Jackie Friedman, CTC, CTIE, president of Nexion Travel Group. “As a host agency, it is our job to develop our members and help them increase their skills, which is exactly why we offer these types of educational events. Since beginning the Luxury Travel Sales Summit three years ago, the demand has swelled, and we saw a need for another pathway. The Leap into Luxury Travel Forum gives attendees the support and skills they need as they break into this niche. We are looking forward to continuing to help our members sell luxury travel.”

All travel professionals interested in learning how to succeed as a professional business owner, backed by Nexion Travel Group’s many great benefits, are encouraged to call 800-747-6813 or email []

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