Nexion Tech System Overhaul Slated for Next Three Years

October 29, 2015

Nexion®, the travel industry’s premier host travel agency, is announcing its complete technology platform upgrade. In order to stay in front of the ever-changing technology landscape, Nexion is undergoing a three-year upgrade to its entire system. The vast technology upgrade is aimed at refreshing current features while adding new ones to allow Nexion agents to build their businesses and be more efficient.

Investing in Efficiency

Jackie Friedman, President of Nexion

The large investment in technology is to provide Nexion agents with a top-of-the-line technology platform to help them be more profitable, efficient, knowledgeable, connected and ultimately more successful. Agents won’t notice any immediate changes as the upgrade begins.

“Technology is ever changing, and instead of making minor changes to our platform, we wanted to build the best possible product from the ground up,” said Nexion President Jackie Friedman, CTC, CTIE. “As the best agents in the business, Nexion travel professionals deserve top-of-the-line tools to help them grow their businesses and operate more efficiently. The refreshing of our current tools and the addition of many exciting new ones will make Nexion agents even more successful.”

Building from the Ground Up

The changes will happen incrementally during a three-year period; agents will begin noticing some updates early in 2016. Updates to existing programs include enhanced reporting capabilities targeted to individual business needs, upgraded automated commission processing allowing for more file types and matching functionality, and an upgraded SNAP! (Simple Nexion Air Program) booking platform. Perhaps the largest change to the current platform is the overhaul of the current WebView® agent portal, which when launched will be called myNexion.

“Starting with a blank slate we asked ourselves, what are the tools our agents currently need to be successful, and what will they need in the future? This investment in technology is designed not only to keep up with current trends, but stay ahead of them,” said Nexion Vice President Robbi Jumaa Hamida, CTA. “The three-year strategic plan will provide Nexion members with NEXceptional tools, a cuttingedge platform and a level of support that can’t be beat. We’re very NEXcited to roll it out over the next three years.”

Tools: myNexion & More

In addition to the updated programs, the technology upgrade involves several tools aimed at helping Nexion members be more efficient when running their business. The brand new portal, myNexion, will be browser independent, allowing members to access it from their preferred web browser. Agents will be able to search within the platform, making for simpler navigation; they’ll also have the ability to customize the portal with their most used internal pages, providing easy access anywhere within myNexion. Other new tools include an end-to-end accounting solution, which integrates all of the current accounting tools and processes to support a comprehensive accounting solution; a new agent dashboard, helping agents stay on top of their businesses; and a new electronic distribution system, enabling agents to have visibility to their documents quicker than ever before.

Robbi Jumaa Hamida, Nexion

“The investment in this comprehensive technology upgrade is vital to our members’ success, but it was also important not to disrupt their businesses while the overhaul is happening,” continued Hamida. “By rolling it out over three years, our agents will be able to become acquainted with the new tools one at a time, instead of having to completely learn a new system overnight. The new offerings and updates are an investment in our agents, and we’re excited to provide them with even more ways to be successful.”

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