Nexion Travel Group Expands Escape Omnichannel Marketing Program and Launches Lead Generation Solution

October 3, 2019

By Cris De Souza, Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Building a successful travel business requires increasing revenues and improving efficiency. Nexion® Travel Group is the complete travel host agency for multi-advisor agencies, corporate agencies, experienced travel advisors and those new to the travel industry. We offer travel professionals enhanced earning opportunities, award-winning educational programs, robust networking opportunities, exclusive relationships with preferred supplier partners, and marketing and technology solutions to increase your agency’s revenue and save you time. Therefore, you can focus on what you do best—selling travel. When you partner with us, you can see both your bottom line and your satisfaction increase.

At Nexion Travel Group, we provide travel advisors the most modern and robust marketing capabilities to entice existing clients to travel more often and help agencies acquire new customers through innovative lead generation solutions.

Our goal, through exclusive, award-winning marketing programs, is to enable you to reach your clients in multiple ways, all while controlling which offers are sent to which clients. These proprietary marketing capabilities include cutting-edge lead generation solutions with online acquisition campaigns and our omnichannel Escape marketing campaigns that put your agency front and center with your clients and prospective clients.

Our advisors stand out from the crowd, as Nexion has significantly expanded its consumer marketing program during the past two years and is continuing to evolve its omnichannel Escape marketing, designed to enable members to reach clients in all parts of the sales funnel. This comprehensive, best-in-class marketing enables Nexion Travel Group travel advisors to reach their clients through a variety of channels with highly effective messages that are branded with their agency name and contact information.

Escape marketing, exclusive to Nexion Travel Group, includes Escape magazine and Escape Insider. Both run on the Engagement marketing platform from Travel Leaders Network using the proven science of economic Cohorts, which looks at different demographic, psychographic and lifestyle categories to target and segment each consumer. There is no cost to Nexion members, and these permission-based marketing pieces are sent to highly targeted consumer clusters, on the travel advisor’s behalf, based on predictive analysis tools done behind the scenes.

Both Escape and Escape Insider direct mail and email are customized with the travel advisor’s agency call to action, customer name and additional personalization, which can make even the smallest agency look big to the consumer.

Nexion's Escape_Collage 2019
  1. Escape magazine is an attractive print publication that offers unique travel-themed content on in-demand destinations, along with travel tips and stunning photography. At the top of the sales funnel, Escape is sent to clients and potential clients four times a year on behalf of the travel advisor and is designed to hit the right buttons for aspirational travel experiences that tap into the consumers’ bucket list desires and inspire their sense of wander. With an omni-channel approach, Escape is complemented with digital marketing components including email, social, digital display ads on websites, blogs and the e-publication.
  2. At the bottom of the sales funnel, Escape Insider is a multi-channel marketing campaign designed to increase travel frequency with existing clients and prospects by exposing them regularly to the latest travel offers. Escape Insider is a tactical campaign (nine times a year in print and 26 times per year for digital) that entices travelers with options for booking soon.
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Brand new to Nexion Travel Group, our exclusive lead generation solution leverages Agent Profiler/Profiler Plus as a vehicle to capture and distribute leads to Nexion travel advisors. Gain leads through this newly launched Highly Targeted Consumer (HTC) lead generation program, which focuses on select preferred supplier partners to promote their products while driving leads exclusively to you through paid social advertising, organic social posts and additional digital marketing components.

Here’s how it works: Dedicated paid social ads, using look-alike audiences, harness the power of Nexion’s consolidated CRM and are managed by the award-winning digital marketing team at Travel Leaders Group. With a wide range of single-preferred supplier campaigns coming online, leads are distributed exclusively to Nexion Travel Group advisors with demonstrated sales with these preferred supplier partners and who have completed the supplier training academy as well as who have a published profile through Agent Profiler/Profiler Plus. Highly qualified leads + highly qualified advisors=maximum conversion and sales.

Additional Marketing Solutions

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In addition to gaining marketing muscle through these exclusive marketing channels, as a member of Nexion Travel Group, you also have access to these marketing solutions:

  1. Post your profile on a free, high-quality lead generation program, which pairs travelers with experienced travel advisors.
  2. Gain an edge online, generate leads and power up your online presence with our new website turnkey solution, coming soon, which is included in your membership. Your consumer-facing website, with a crisp look featuring your branding, fully integrates with our CRM and digital marketing suite.
  3. Capitalize on millions of dollars in preferred supplier marketing funds through email by sending personalized, targeted offers, as well as themed email campaigns, to your clients for free, many of which are exclusive to Nexion Travel Group members.
  4. Track consumer email performance with stats like delivered, opened and clicked rates.
  5. Maximize your reach with our free, exclusive social media programs that keep your digital channels updated with relevant, consumer-focused content with little to no work from you.
  6. Completely control your customer database in AgentMate, your CRM included with membership, with four ways to engage in permission-based marketing.
  7. Order direct mail marketing pieces with one click from your AgentMate CRM dashboard.

All this marketing is performed by Nexion Travel Group on our advisor’s behalf. We focus on the marketing, so you focus on what you do best, building relationships and selling travel.

All travel professionals interested in learning how to succeed as a professional business owner, backed by Nexion Travel Group’s many great benefits, are encouraged to call 800-747-6813 or email

Nexion Travel Group Nexion® Travel Group is a fully accredited host agency, offering membership to independent travel professionals since 1995. As part of Travel Leaders Group, Nexion Travel Group provides ticketing, operations and fulfillment support to independent travel professionals coupled with best-in-class tools, technology, marketing, education and support. Nexion Travel Group is the complete host agency for multi-agent agencies, corporate agencies, experienced agents and those new to the industry. Travelers also have access to The Travel Collection by Travel Leaders Group, a selection of travel offers and discounts available at no additional cost to holders of select American Express® cards. For more information visit