Maximize Your Cruise Bookings with These Insider Tips

June 27, 2024

Selling cruises is the bread and butter of many modern travel agencies. The cruise product has never been as popular as it is today, thanks to innovative new ships, elevated onboard dining, and luxurious amenities. Add in enticing itineraries that run the gamut from three-day weekends to three-month world voyages, and cruises are becoming the first choice for travelers of all ages. Here are a few insider tips to help you take advantage of this valuable market and maximize your cruise bookings.

Partner with Cruise Lines

Reach out to form one-on-one partnerships with cruise lines through their sales team. Your BDM (Business Development Manager) will connect you with training and marketing opportunities. The more you sell their product, the more attention they will provide. It pays to join a host agency, such as Nexion Travel Group, to take advantage of the partnerships we have been cultivating for years.

Nexion Cruise Couple

Participate in Special Promotions

Once you’ve partnered with a supplier, take advantage of every special promotion they send your way. This is how you can promote special offers or bonus amenities that travelers cannot secure on their own, thus setting your services apart. Pay attention to the supplier sales schedule and be ready to participate. For example, they will offer numerous promotions throughout wave season, trying to capture that surge in cruise sales that occurs at the beginning of every year. Learn more at

Strategically Market to Your Clients

Marketing to your current client base, aka loyalty market, to increase repeat sales is a huge factor in agency success. The more you know about your clients — whether they travel as a family, enjoy luxury more than adventure or prefer certain cruise lines over others — the more strategic you can be when it comes to sending them promotions. Here at Nexion Travel Group, we use targeted marketing that engages clients year-round, making sure that travelers only see the promotions that interest them the most.

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