Nexion Launches Peer Mentorship Program

October 29, 2012

During its “CoNexion” annual conference a few weeks ago, Nexion - one of the travel industry’s premier host travel agencies -announced the launch of its peer mentorship program called “Agents Connecting Together” (ACT). ACT has been developed by Nexion at the request of agent input during Nexion’s annual conference – CoNexion in 2011. The program’s purpose is to allow agents to capitalize on their shared talents and business knowledge, with the ultimate goal of boosting profits across its agent population. The program is open to all Nexion agents, whether they are new to the travel industry, new to Nexion, or have several years of experience.

Nexion ACT Mentoring Program

Nexion is all about connecting people and that’s what ACT will do. We’re already connecting with our agents in many ways, whether it’s through our Nexion Town social networking site, our various training programs, or networking events like CoNexion,” said Nexion President Jackie Friedman, CTC, CTIE. “Now, ACT allows agents to connect to each other in a whole new way – giving them one-on-one attention from a fellow agent who has found success, helping give agents the tools they need to achieve mutual success.” For those agents participating in ACT, Nexion will match mentors with significant business experience or specific expertise to mentees who may have less experience or expertise in a certain area of their business. Nexion agents interested in taking part in the program will fill out a profile, which Nexion will then review in order to match those agents looking for additional guidance on increasing their sales and profits with a mentor that is the best fit for them.

ACT Nexion Mentor Program Logo

“ACT is a win-win for agents and for Nexion,” Friedman added. “We find mentors want to give without any motivation - they take pride in seeing their fellow agents succeed. On the other side of the equation, agents looking for guidance and mentorship have the opportunity to learn from a successful agent-owner and the tips they pick up will hopefully help them boost their profits. The Nexion program, as a whole, benefits from seeing its agents become more successful.”

Nexion staff

While Nexion agents have always been collaborating through Nexion’s various programs and tools, the launch of ACT formalizes the support that gives Nexion what agents describe as a ‘family feel.’ Through this new program, Nexion will provide agents further guidance and best practices and help match them up with a fellow agent that can offer ideas on boosting business. Once mentors and mentees are paired up, those agents work together to create the best schedule, agenda, and goals for what they’d like to achieve. Nexion only asks that the mentors and their partner agents meet for at least 60 minutes once per month, for a minimum of three months. Those interested in joining the Nexion Generation, connecting with their fellow agents through ACT, and taking advantage of Nexion’s many other valuable benefits, can call 800-747-6813, visit, or email