Nexion Launches OnTarget Marketing Program

November 4, 2013

Complimentary to Nexion agents, OnTarget offers social media and email marketing solutions. "One of the things we hear from agents about where they really need help is marketing," Jackie Friedman, president, Nexion, said to members of the media at a press conference. "They want to know how to use all of these tools and technologies and how to take a more targeted approach to marketing."

Variety of Marketing Tools

Jackie Friedman of Nexion Travel Group

Nexion is affiliated with and its agents can take advantage of's engagement program and marketing packages. "We wanted to complement that with some more targeted tools, so we partnered with Passport Online, which will help agents do targeted marketing," Friedman says.

The three OnTarget modules provide e-mail marketing, access to a content library and the option to subscribe to automated social media posts. This provides agents with flexible message delivery through email, Twitter, Facebook and blogs; access to educational, informative and promotional content; the ability to promote Nexion supplier offers; and email marketing tools integrated with ClientBase profiles.

nexion ontarget screenshot
Screenshot of OnTarget Marketing Program

"We have agents who have been in the business for a long time and one of the challenges we have to remember is the more we tout training programs and programs for new agents, the risk is that the experienced agent may not think that Nexion is for them, and that could not be further from the truth," says Friedman. "Marketing is becoming more and more important. Today's agent is more of an entrepreneur, so these are skills that can help them with that component of the business."

Nexion ontarget logo

The email marketing module will provide agents with the ability to select supplier content and create a customized, professional email to send to their clients. The content library will provide Nexion agents access to content from a wide range of sources including articles, videos, images, hotel and resort promotions, supplier promotions and guest supplier blogs. Agents will have the opportunity to pick and choose the content they would like to personalize and promote via their social media outlets. These two modules will be available beginning October 7.

A Helping Hand with Social Media

The automated social media posting module is a social media program that will allow posts to be published to Nexion agents' Facebook pages on their behalf. The program includes a pre-posting approval process that allows Nexion agents the ability to review content and approve or cancel each individual post. This will be available in early 2014.

"These will be provided to our agents at no cost," Friedman adds. "All three are part of Nexion and all three will work independently. This is our investment in our agents. We are trying to develop entrepreneurs."

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