Transform Your Career: Tips for a Smooth Transition to Growing a Travel Business

June 27, 2024

Due to low pay, few opportunities for advancement or just a general lack of passion for their work, many people leave their jobs to start working as travel agents every year. Why become a travel agent? Because the travel industry is an exciting place to work! Helping people explore the world — while visiting a few of those destinations yourself — is a fulfilling career that is easier to begin than you might think.

Which careers prepare you best for becoming a travel agent? At Nexion Travel Group Canada, the travel industry’s premier full-service host travel agency, we find that many of our newest agents used to be teachers, real estate or insurance agents, stay-at-home parents and administrative staff. The transition from those professions to that of a travel agent is easy to make because of a shared skillset, namely a keen attention to detail, a passion for learning and a desire to have a purpose.

Nexion Canada

If you share those skills and wish to start your own home-based travel business, we have great news: Nexion Travel Group Canada,, has everything you need. Our comprehensive approach is celebrated across the industry, allowing us to become the complete host agency for those new to the industry. We welcome everyone — every skill level, every business mix, every demographic — and we promise to go above and beyond to make your career in travel shine.

The best part: You can earn money while you get your travel business up and running or while you're growing your travel business into a new niche. Our membership plans include training, mentoring, commissions, supplier partnerships, marketing support, ticketing support and events. It’s everything you need to launch and grow your new career in travel.

Explore our membership tiers at Nexion Travel Group Canada and become part of a community where your growth and success are our top priorities.