Montecito Village Travel Launches Endless Luxury Collections

December 5, 2022

By Connie Miller, CTIE, CRO

This summer, recognizing the needs of its advisors for unique client experiences, Montecito Village Travel released a series of new partnerships known as their Endless Luxury Collection.

This collection honors a 50-year legacy of worldwide industry connections through a collection of new luxury partners around the globe and readies Montecito Village Travel advisors for a new age of travel where unique experiences, sustainability, and local insight is second to none.

Currently, the Endless Luxury Collection includes over 30 prestigious, destination management companies (DMCs). Each member of the Endless Luxury DMC Collection achieves the highest level of service in luxury travel, accommodating every type of traveler. The Endless Luxury Collection will continue to grow in 2023, providing even greater access to unique client experiences throughout the world.

The new collection was spearheaded by Chris Weatherhead, Montecito Village Travel’s Chief Marketing Officer, Product & Partnerships. Weatherhead explains that “the Endless Luxury Collection represents 50 years of industry connections and every DMC accepted into the program has been an integral provider of luxury travel in the destinations they represent. They [Endless Luxury members] are vital ambassadors for the authenticity and culture of their regions.”

Created by Montecito Village Travel, The Endless Luxury Collection is just one more resource for MVT advisors to access the best-of-the-best experiences for their clients.

Connie Miller, VP of Business Development, Your Travel Center/Montecito Village Travel

Article written by Connie Miller, CTIE, CRO

Your Travel Center/Montecito Village Travel, Santa Barbara, CA

Montecito Village Travel is a host agency with over 650 Independent Contractors and several branch offices. Connie is responsible for growing the agency through Independent Contractors and Agencies. Her career path includes work as a Sales and Marketing Director, Corporate Travel Account Manager, Office Manager, Group Travel Coordinator and Travel Consultant. Connie's passion for travel is evident and it underscores her personal philosophy is travel is the perfect way to bring the peoples of the world together.