Montecito Village Travel’s Must Reads for 2022

March 15, 2022

By Connie Miller, CTIE, VP of Business Development, Montecito Village Travel

Every advisor has his or her favorite reads; those publications, digital or hard copy, that are admired for their quality and reliability as trusted sources for travel industry news. At Montecito Village Travel, we periodically check the pulse of our advisors to find their favorite publications and then share this information with all of our advisors.

Although this is an unscientific survey, the results below provide insight to news sources we may not have considered in the past.

In the survey, advisors were asked to select publications they routinely read from a pre-selected list. They also had a free-form option for including publications not listed. Next, they were asked to select their top three “must reads.”

In the first column below, we’ve ranked the most frequently read publications. In the second column, we’ve listed, in order of preference, the publications our advisors told us were most beneficial to their business.

travel advisor publications

If these publications seem like the ‘usual suspects,’ let me suggest other reading recommendations made by our advisors.

Regardless of your specialty, all advisors can benefit from reading Skift, Travel Mole, AgentatHome or JaxFax. If you are a corporate advisor and/or in the MICE space, you may want to look at The Beat, Successful Meetings and Business Travel News. For a broader overview of travel, many advisors look to the travel sections of their favorite periodicals such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, Telegraph UK, The Skimm or The National Geographic.

I would love to know what you read to stay informed. If there is a publication you would like to recommend, please email me at And if you prefer podcasts to written material, let me share a secret. Our next survey will focus on recommended podcasts from our advisor community. Stay Tuned!

Connie Miller, VP of Business Development, Your Travel Center/Montecito Village Travel

Article written by Connie Miller, VP of Business Development, Your Travel Center/Montecito Village Travel, Santa Barbara, CA

Montecito Village Travel is a host agency with over 550 Independent Contractors and several branch offices. Connie is responsible for growing the agency through Independent Contractors and Agencies. Her career path includes work as a Sales and Marketing Director, Corporate Travel Account Manager, Office Manager, Group Travel Coordinator and Travel Consultant. Connie's passion for travel is evident and it underscores her personal philosophy is travel is the perfect way to bring the peoples of the world together.