MTravel Launches National Recruiting Events

September 9, 2018

Montrose, CA: MTravel Hosting Services (“MTravel”), a division of Corporate Travel Management (CTM), is expanding recruitment efforts to include a series of in-person events to be held across the United States.

MTravel, one of the nation’s leading host agencies, is prided on providing a strong, family-oriented community of independent travel professionals achieving success beyond their individual scope. The host agency also offers affordable and inclusive programs, up to a 90% commission split, innovative technology including a booking capable white-label consumer site per independent contractor, and the $5 billion buying power of CTM.

In an effort to offer a more relationship-based enrollment experience for both new and experienced travel professionals, the host agency will hold one-on-one and small-group meeting opportunities across the nation. Each in person event will further encourage the personal connections and professional support that MTravel is known for.

“We’re very proud of the sense of community and family felt among our independent contractors,” says Salv Silvera, SVP of Leisure and MTravel at Corporate Travel Management, North America. “Expanding that inclusivity to our enrollment process just makes sense.”

The first event opportunity is scheduled to be held at the Holiday Inn and Suites, Downtown Chicago on September 24th and 25th. Independent travel professionals interested in learning more about MTravel will be able to attend one of the two nights and engage in a live Q&A. 

Two additional events are set to follow in October. One night in Charlotte at the Hyatt House Charlotte Airport on October 15th and another night in Atlanta at the Hyatt House Atlanta/Cobb Galleria on October 16th.

Business Development Managers, Rondah Delos Reyes and Melissa Roberts are at the forefront of getting to know the MTravel prospects prior to enrollment and will be hosting each of the nationwide events.

“The MTravel hosting services has always focused on building relationships with, and among, our independent contractors. This is an exciting way for us to start forging those relationships at the ground level.” says Melissa Roberts. “Our goal is to share our message of ‘the empowered travel advisor and professional support’ across the United States,” says Rondah Delos Reyes, “Empowering advisors to create new or more successful travel businesses, will in turn help us raise awareness about the unique offerings available through MTravel.”

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