Montrose Travel Introduced Professional Development Curriculum for Independent Travel Agents

July 20, 2016

Montrose, CA, July 19, 2016– MTravel™, the host agency division of Montrose Travel, has introduced a new educational solution for independent travel agents. Curated by the Top 5 host’s internal professional development team, MTravel’s new curriculum consists of nearly 300 hand-selected individual sessions from Montrose Travel, CLIA, Ensemble Travel, preferred supplier certifications, destination training and more to streamline ongoing education for agents.

13 Distinct Training Tracks for a Customizable Education Experience

The new curriculum was born from a desire to simplify the heft of information currently available to travel entrepreneurs. “It can be overwhelming for agents,” said Debbie Herroz, lead educator for MTravel’s Business Development and Sales Support team. “Our curriculum gives beginner, intermediate and experienced travel agents a clearly defined method of navigating their professional development.”

The curriculum includes 13 unique training tracks, beginning with the “Travel Entrepreneur” track (information on how to successfully launch a travel agency) to such tracks as “Group Travel”, “Romance Travel” and others which target specific niches. “Agents can begin with the basics, then select a training track that best aligns with their brand,” said Herroz. “The new approach helps eliminate the guesswork involved with growing their travel business.”

University-Style Structure for New Curriculum

The new curriculum boasts a university-style structure to further simplify the training process. Each track’s main courses are broken down into three levels: 100 (beginner), 200 (advanced) and 300 (expert), along with an array of elective courses to complement an agent’s expanding knowledge. Though agents can move freely from whatever courses they choose, MTravel also offers recommend curriculum plans to help agents fit training into their existing schedules and keep on track. Agents can track their progress via Agent Connex, their back-office portal, and stack up training points for incentives and awards.

Andi Mysza, President of MTravel

“The new approach will help agents of any level build confidence, travel industry knowledge and personal brand.”

                — Andi Mysza, President of MTravel

“The curriculum is designed to bring travel entrepreneurs the most complete educational experience,” said Andi Mysza, President of MTravel. “The new approach will help agents of any level build their confidence, travel industry knowledge and personal brand.”

Available to any MTravel Affiliate

MTravel’s new training curriculum is open and available at no additional cost to any current MTravel affiliate. Interested agents can learn more by emailing the host at [email protected] or by calling 800-870-5799.

About Montrose Travel

Established in 1956, Montrose Travel has hosted independent travel professionals for over 40 years. Montrose Travel is considered to be a Top 5 host with award-winning programs in training, technology and marketing to support home-based travel professionals nationwide. To learn more, please explore or call 800-870-5799.