Make 2018 Your Greatest Success Yet: Get Ready For Wave Season!

November 13, 2017

What Is Wave Season And Why Should I Care? Let’s start here. Wave Season, or simply ‘Wave’, is a three-month period between January and March when travelers begin planning and booking vacations for the year, and even beyond – most being cruise vacations. Now…why should you care about Wave? Well, as a travel professional you should be aware that sales opportunities are at a peak high, and income potential can be unlimited! This is your time to sell more and see your independent travel business grow.

I Care, Now What?

Joining a powerful travel network that will help you take full advantage of the opportunity to capitalize on Wave bookings should not be one of your New Year Resolutions – it’ll be too late! Make sure you’re all set up before ringing in the New Year so that you can make 2018 your best year yet. Find a host agency or travel network now, and make sure it offers the resources that best suit you and your business, for the right price. If you want access to the highest-quality resources, consider joining the Avoya Travel Network™. Avoya is the only leading network that will send Live Leads™ directly to you via phone, web, and mobile app, at no additional cost, helping you spend less time looking for clients and more time doing what you do best: crafting and selling travel.

Another asset that can better prepare you for Wave is having access to exclusive deals for your clients and the backing of a globally-recognized brand for your business. As an Independent Agency in the Avoya Network, your business will benefit from Avoya’s stellar brand and reputation, and will have the instant credibility and added benefits from Avoya’s affiliation with American Express Travel. Plus, with more than 50 years of industry experience, Avoya has developed long-standing, powerful relationships with top suppliers that will help you maximize sales by giving you access to exclusive promotions and offers that you can’t find anywhere else – giving you a competitive advantage. And that’s not all! Avoya has top-tier commissions because of its great reputation among suppliers and the high sales volume of the Avoya Network, which means higher earning potential. The possibilities are endless! 

I’m Interested, How Do I Start?

Whether you’re a travel professional with plenty of experience, or an entrepreneur new to the industry who is serious about starting your own travel business, Avoya can help you grow your business!

Now is the time to earn more and achieve greater success than ever before. Avoya Travel® can help take your business to the next level with the first, and still by far the best, Live Leads program in the industry; the highest-quality resources; top-tier commissions; and the most competitive supplier offers. Avoya is a different kind of travel network; unlike other host and franchise networks, Avoya is not fee-based and instead is a Shared Success™ model, allowing you to keep more earnings in your pocket. It’s no surprise that Independent Agencies in the Avoya Network are among the most successful in the industry, with some making six-figure incomes. You too can live the lifestyle of success you deserve – start your journey today! Learn more about Avoya here.

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