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July 19, 2013

Adventure Travel Mexico 2013

Um. May I just say the travel industry is the best industry EVER?!? Where else do you get to travel to amazing places and have amazing experiences as part of your job?! And, in the case of ATMEX 2013, it's complimentary thanks to the wonderful vendors and tourism board that want to showcase all Mexico has to offer your adventure clients.

Holy FAM Awesome-ness

Adventure Travel Trade Show FAM

I'm headed to the Adventure Travel Trade Association 's ATMEX in a few weeks and, ladies and gentlemen, I cannot wait. I love me some adventure and outdoor fun and this event does not disappoint. To name a few: whitewater rafting, ziplining, snorkeling, the COPPER CANYON?!

Omg. The problem is how to decide what to do. It's full of FAMs and pre-tours that will make any adventure-lover salivate.

The Place to See and Be Seen

There's a bigger picture than just the experiences, though. There's the people. You get to meet the vendors, learn about their products, and build relationships with them.

This is yet another reason travel agents are amazing. Their connections. All the Adventure Travel folk in Mexico are going to be in one place for you to meet. Invaluable. Plus, you get to meet and network with all sorts of other adventure-minded agents.

The Details

Spots are limited but word from the Adventure Travel Trade Association is that there are still some spots left. This is a hosted event (complimentary air, lodging, tours) for select candidates but does require pre-registration and approval.

All the details can be found on the ATMEX listing (August 14th) on our Travel Industry Events Calendar. We hope to see you there!

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