KHM Travel Group launches Travel Agent Spotlight Video Series

April 10, 2018

At the beginning of 2018, KHM Travel Group launched a video series dedicated to sharing the unique and inspiring stories of its independent travel agents. Called the Travel Agent Spotlight series, the videos capture the journeys of both new and experienced agents, what they love about travel, and what’s been beneficial to their businesses.

Along with highlighting the individuality of agents, the series strives to promote travel agents as a whole. Travel agents are the people that bring us closer to the places we want to go. They work tirelessly for their clients, turning their knowledge and experiences into lifelong memories. We hope the Travel Agent Spotlights shed some light on all the reasons why travel agents rock!

The very first spotlight video featured Terre`e, of Blu Eyes Travel in Texas. After a long career in IT, he was convinced by a friend to give being a travel agent a try. He says that working with a host agency was a “no-brainer”:

Next up was Shanna, from Georgia. She was originally a travel consultant with American Express, but found herself looking to develop more personal connections, both with her clients and with her host agency:

We also heard from Brian, who has been with KHM Travel Group for more than 10 years. His perspective is a testament to the fact that travel agents really do never stop learning:

Susan, an agent based near our corporate office in Ohio, says she’s always loved inspiring people to take the leap and see more of the world. After retiring, becoming an independent travel agent was the obvious path for her:

The focus of our most recent Travel Agent Spotlight is Antè, who caught the travel bug after planning a trip to Montana with his dad. He stepped outside of his comfort zone, and it has really paid off:

Follow along with our Travel Agent Spotlight series by following KHM Travel Group’s YouTube Channel! We’ll be sharing more travel agent stories, updates from our supplier partners, and other exciting things happening with our host agency.

Request more information about becoming a travel agent with KHM Travel Group by visiting or by calling 1-888-611-1220.