4 Steps to Setting 2020 Goals for Your Travel Business

December 18, 2019

The end of the year is everyone’s favorite time to reflect on what they want to accomplish next year. Our steps to setting goals will help you lay out a path for a productive, prosperous 2020!

1. Review this year’s progress.

Take a look at the goals you set for 2019 and what you were able to achieve. Were the goals you set realistic based on your other commitments? If you had a sales-related goal, did you hit it? If you did, what did it take for you to reach it? Is that same amount of growth sustainable this year?

It’s also important to do a self-assessment. What did you do well at this year, and what do you think you could improve upon? It could be that time management became a struggle, or that you didn’t stay as up to date on resort openings as you could have.

KHM – Setting Goals Notes

2. Break your goals down.

Setting goals for an entire year can be overwhelming, especially for a small business owner who is doing it all. Achieving goals becomes more manageable when you can cut them into bite-sized pieces.

For a simple example, if you want to grow your booked travel sales by $50,000 for the year, it will be helpful to visualize what that means for your monthly goals. Each month, you should be striving to book more than $4,000. In turn, this will help guide your everyday business decisions, like what you want to be promoting and who you are promoting yourself to.

3. And then write them down!

KHM – 2020 Goals Notebook

This is the simplest step, yet it is the most important. Studies have shown that you are 42 percent more likely to achieve goals if they are written down. They should also be displayed somewhere you will regularly look at them.


Because working towards goals often means thinking differently. Getting into a new routine isn’t easy, and the more reminders we have, the easier it is for our mindset to adjust. Having your goals in front of you also encourages you to visualize yourself achieving them!

4. Think strategically about your vision and your future.

If your long-term vision is to become a cruise specialist, then set goals that will move you in that direction, like completing online courses with cruise lines, attending ship inspections, or even booking a certain number of cabins. If you start to feel like your goals aren’t aligning with your vision, it might be time to re-evaluate either your goals, your vision, or both!

In the long-term, think about what you want to accomplish in 2020 that will set you up for a successful 2021, and beyond. If you haven’t yet, consider your answer to the questions, “how do I want to grow?” and “what do I really love about running my travel business?”

The answers to these questions will provide much-needed momentum and inspiration for you later in the year, if you feel burnt out, frustrated, or in need of direction.


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