Be Your Own Billboard

September 7, 2023

As an independent travel agent and business owner, you are your brand. Everywhere you go, you carry the title of travel expert, who can connect people to the vacations they daydream about all year long.

Being responsible for living your brand is a full-time job. You never know where you’ll find a potential travel client. From the self-checkout line to your neighbor’s backyard barbeque – people who travel are everywhere!

The easiest way to promote yourself as a travel agent is through branded items. Shirts, hats, shopping bags, jackets, and stickers can all highlight what you do. They can also serve as great conversation starters. People make connections around shared interests and passions. What better way to express what you love than by wearing it on your sleeve.

While clothing and accessories can catch the eye, having business cards to hand out is another essential part of the promotion. You’ll want a way for the people you meet to keep your info and create a means to follow up. That can turn your successful advertisement into a booking, or better yet, a loyal client for years to come!

Wearing apparel with your travel agency’s logo while you’re traveling through airports is a great idea. Just be sure that once you get to your destination, you’re following all supplier and resort guidelines for promoting your business. Some resorts have strict rules to prevent travel agents from soliciting business or wearing branded items while on the property.

Another tip is to not overlook your color choices. 95% of brands use only one or two colors. Every color evokes specific emotions, so make sure the ones you choose are appropriate and coordinate with the other elements of your brand (logo, website, business cards).

Keep in mind that consumers encounter countless brands each day. Connecting your friendly face and warm personality to your travel agency will help them remember the services you offer wherever you are in the world.


At KHM Travel Group, we recently created a fun way for agents to show off their brand beyond traditional flyers or print items. The KHM Print Shop is where fashion meets function – plus, a walking billboard for your business.

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