Back to School Marketing Ideas

September 2, 2022

It’s back to school season! It feels like summer just started, but it’s already time to get back to learning. The fall season is when routines and academic schedules resume. Why not coordinate your marketing to help travelers pencil in their next vacation?

Watch these videos from recent episodes of KHM Today or keep reading for five back to school marketing ideas to get you started.

Plan Around Break Schedules

Break schedules are out. Plan your marketing efforts and social media posts around your district’s schedules. Use scheduled posts or a third-party app to do the work ahead of time.

Don’t forget about colleges and universities! Sports teams often have travel needs that you may be able to help with. And of course, Spring Break travel is huge for young adults.

Here are a few tips on timing.

  1. For winter breaks, the time to book is now through October.
  2. The ideal time to promote spring break travel is October and November. Last-minute Spring Break deals should be promoted about two months before your district’s break (probably around January).
  3. March is the month to start promoting summer travel such as Disney trips and all-inclusive resorts. If you want to market cruises, wave season is earlier than that. So make sure you are ready for January!

Sponsor a School Group

From choir to the football team to the drama club, school groups are always looking for corporate partners to help fund their activities. You can also check out what print advertising and sponsorship opportunities exist that will be seen by the whole school, such as yearbook ads or newsletters.

Are you a member of the PTA? Host a cruise night or theme park night to get parents thinking about upcoming trips. You can also inquire about putting together a promotional printed piece to get the word out about your business. In return, you can donate part of your earnings back to the PTA or school organization. It’s a win-win; it brings business to you and you’re also giving back.

Support School Fundraisers

Private schools and public schools are always fundraising. Can you donate a raffle basket to your school’s annual fundraiser? Make it Disney or beach-themed and add a Carnival or Disney gift card along with your business card.

Can you host a table or booth at an outdoor event? A small investment in an attractive display and small giveaways such as business card magnets or hand sanitizer can go a long way to getting your brand in front of busy parents who are looking for the help of a travel advisor.

Even just serving on a planning committee or volunteering at an event can get your name out in the community.

Advertise in the Carpool Lane

Vehicle magnets (or even a car wrap) are great ideas if you are the adult who drives your children to and from school. Make sure to always have business cards or flyers in your vehicle if you strike up conversations while you are waiting or out running errands. That way you’re always ready to market your travel business.

Post in Community Facebook Groups

Many communities have groups for their residents or school groups for parents. These pages often have people looking for a recommendation about a travel agent or vacation destination. Be sure to read the groups’ rules thoroughly before posting to make sure you are allowed to promote your services or your business.

Feeling inspired to try out these back to school marketing techniques? Give KHM Travel Group’s Membership Team a call at 888.611.1220 or visit to learn how our resources and personalized support can help you become a marketing pro.