How to Engage Your Clients Through a Virtual Travel Event

June 16, 2020

Travelers are craving a change of scenery, which you can offer them in the form of a virtual travel event! Even as the world begins to gradually open up, virtual travel events are a fun and interactive way to keep in touch with your current clients and engage with new clients.

Decide on a goal for the event

Your goal for your travel night could be having a certain number of attendees or connecting with a certain number of new leads. It could also be associated with earning a certain number of bookings on future travel.

Always start with why, which will help you answer many of the other questions that pop up about hosting a travel night. Even though there may be no or very little cost associated with hosting your travel event online, you still want to be able to gauge whether your event was a success. That starts with setting a realistic and measurable goal!

Quick Tip

When inviting your current contacts to your travel night, encourage them to bring a friend or two! Featuring a small giveaway (like a $15 gift card or bottle of wine) is also an effective way to spark interest in your travel night.

Video Chat

Pick a platform

Find a place to host your virtual travel night that is convenient for you and your guests. Zoom is a popular place to hold virtual get-togethers, but if you don’t want to splurge on a paid account your call will be limited to 40 minutes.

If you already have a Facebook presence, you could use Facebook’s new Messenger Rooms which are free. This is a great option if you already have a closed group because you can easily invite them and start the call, all from within the group. Google Meet is another easy and free way to schedule your event. All of the above options include the ability to do screenshare and keep your meeting secure by allowing you to approve or deny access.

Determine a theme or topic

Give people a reason to attend your virtual travel night. It could be a culinary tour at an Italian villa, or a ship tour of your favorite cruise line’s new vessel. If you are highlighting a certain supplier, check out what videos, graphics, and other marketing assets are available through that supplier that can add pop to your presentation. If you are partnered with a reputable host agency, they will also have resources for you to utilize.

Pick something that excites you and that you know will resonate with your guests. The idea is to leave them wanting to reach out to you to book their next trip!


Set an agenda

Lay ground rules and inform guests of the agenda from the start of the meeting or if possible, beforehand through email or social media. Not everyone will be familiar with the platform you’ve chosen, so it’s important to include simple instructions on how to access the session and how they can communicate with you during it.

Now for the fun part! Engage your viewers with fun activities like a virtual tour, a destination-themed playlist, or a quick demonstration on how to make your favorite beachy cocktail. Depending on the theme, this is a perfect way to lead into a discussion of the specific destination or itinerary you want to promote. Ask open-ended questions throughout to spark conversation and get the group talking amongst themselves.

Follow up with attendees

Just as with an in-person event, you’ll want to follow-up with attendees and thank them for coming. Take this chance to ask for their feedback, remind them how to stay in touch with you, and see if they have any questions you can answer for them right now.

KHM Travel Group has additional tools and resources to help you adapt and stand out with clients in the current COVID-19 climate and beyond.


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