A Travel Agent’s Guide to Selling Travel During a Pandemic

March 4, 2022

With the changes the travel industry has seen recently, making time for education should be a top priority. For new agents, there is so much to learn – terminology used in the booking process, budget-friendly marketing strategies, and more. Even seasoned agents have found the need to brush up on their knowledge of changing supplier policies and new destination protocols.

Knowing how time-consuming it can be to stay on top of the latest in travel, KHM Travel Group’s “Travel Agent Tips” video series tackled important topics to help professionals be productive during this dynamic time in travel.

Check out a summary of some of the videos in this series below and be sure to watch the entire playlist on KHM Travel Group’s YouTube channel.

Running Your Travel Business

Understanding your clients during this time is essential. Everyone has their own comfort level with traveling, so that means the way you work with each client will be different. Be sure to always focus on the facts and be open to getting creative with your travel recommendations.

Selling Domestic Travel

Country-specific restrictions have made international travel more complicated. Luckily, the United States offers a variety of unforgettable experiences that travel agents can book. From beaches on the coasts, adventures in the National Parks, or even a U.S. river cruise, the options are diverse as the country itself. Choosing the right supplier is key for making sure you maximize your commission potential.

Returning to the Seas with Cruises

After a long pause, cruising is back. But what is different now? New health and safety protocols have proven to be effective thus far. In this video, Bill addresses popular cruise myths and sets the record straight on the facts behind safe sailing.

Re-Establishing Your Value

The one consistent aspect during the pandemic has been the value of working with a professional. With more destinations and itineraries open, it’s time to showcase why the personal service of an expert is better than booking online!

The above “Travel Agent Tips” videos are just a few of the tips that KHM Travel Group has shared. Check out the latest videos where Bill welcomes Marie to discuss selling romance travel and then takes on cruise expert Kevin in a head-to-head Cruise Chat Championship!



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