What do KHM Travel Group’s Core Values mean to Travel Agents?

December 10, 2018

The adventure began for KHM Travel Group in 2005, with a team of three people working out of a small office. With a shared love of travel, and a strong entrepreneurial spirit, they dedicated themselves to helping others achieve their dreams of selling travel. 

KHM Travel Group now has a team of nearly 60 team members working out of its Corporate Office in Ohio and remotely around the country. Our network of hosted travel agents has grown to over 4,000. 

This growth is exciting but comes with the potential for team members to feel detached from the company’s original goals and family atmosphere. To ensure the whole team works toward the company’s mission, which is “to empower, educate, support, and promote independent travel agents,” KHM Travel established a set of Core Values

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Our top Core Value is People First, which encourages team members to treat others with respect, honor, and dignity. Whether we are meeting with agents at one of our live events or speaking with them over the phone, email, or on live chat, we strive to approach every interaction with People First in mind.

Each of the other Core Values is built on and tied together by this foundation. For instance, Loyalty is expressed in our dedication to faithfully serving our families, team members, agents, and communities. Integrity encourages us to build trust, both individually and as a company, by presenting ourselves in an honest and trustworthy way. 

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Certain Core Values create balance in how we present ourselves and react in specific situations. For example, we value Authenticity and strive to be sincere and straightforward, without sacrificing our Professionalism. Along with Positive Attitude, Professionalism helps us to foster a productive, yet caring environment, both internally and externally.

As we are a business built on helping other businesses succeed, we are driven to help others achieve Prosperity, economically and personally. This ties directly in to Generosity, and we feel fortunate enough to have the opportunity to invest our time, talents, and resources in others. We extend these values beyond ourselves, to able to impact those we are tied to as global Community. In other words, we know we are not in this alone.

KHM Host Agency Core Values

In terms of quality of our service, products, and communications, we strive for Excellence. We don’t just want to provide a satisfactory experience; we want to take every opportunity to exceed expectations. To accomplish this, Teamwork is crucial. By working together, our team can use our extensive and diverse range of skills and knowledge to benefit others. Keeping this in mind, we also rely on Stewardship to guide our decisions in terms of thoughtfully using our time and resources.

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Our final Core Value is Gratitude. It is the newest addition to the list, but it has always been a key component in KHM Travel’s company culture. Carrying gratitude with us allows us to put our mission and vision into perspective and bring appreciation for the opportunities given to us each day, no matter where they take us. 

As KHM Travel Group continues to grow, these Core Values will guide us and help us make decisions as team members and as a company. If you are interested in becoming a travel agent and are researching host travel agencies, look at their core values. Do they align and compliment yours? In order to have a truly successful partnership, you should see your own values reflected in your host’s. When you are on the same page, you know that you are all working toward the same goals!

KHM Travel Group is one of the nation’s leading host agencies, providing education, support, tools, resources for independent travel agents around the country. To learn how KHM Travel Group can help you build a thriving travel agency, call 1-888-611-1220 or visit KHMTravel.com